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18 month old doesn't sleep well :(

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experience Fri 28-Jan-05 19:52:45

My 18 month old has never been a great sleeper from day 1. Now, usually sleeps for 1 hour plus in the day (great) but always broken nights even when brought in with Mum & Dad, any ideas ???

mummylonglegs Sun 30-Jan-05 14:24:56

Any more details?

Amanda3266 Sun 30-Jan-05 14:37:21

Hi there,

Some babies pick up the message really quickly that they don't need Mum and/or Dad with them to fall asleep - others take longer.

Firstly, I would keep a note of when he/she(I'll use he - hope that's right ) sleeps. Note what you do when putting him to bed. Does he fall asleep with you present or does he put himself to sleep? If you are with him till he falls asleep then he will need you before he can fall asleep when he wakes in the night.

It's quite normal for him to have periods of waking in the night but if at all possible you don't need him calling for you.
Note what you do in the night when he wakes. The best advice is to keep interaction to a minimum, keep the lights dimmed etc and just keep settling until he goes back to sleep.
If he's falling asleep with you present in the evenings you may have to work on that first and gradually withdraw until he gets the message that he doesn't need Mum to help him go to sleep.

No rewards for waking (ie drinks, food etc and if possible avoid getting him up as he will then see this as normal. Not easy always when hubbie and/or you have to work the day after.

A bit garbled from me I know but have a toddler climbing over me while I am trying to type


experience Sun 30-Jan-05 15:58:51

Thanks Mandy. He (You were right !) is very changeable, but mostly falls asleep on his own. I admit that since I had him we've tried everything - controlled crying, bonjela, juice (he's always thirsty), a night light, a fleecy all in one sleepsuit, lavender spray, extra food, sleepy bubble bath & bringing him into our bed. For the last two nights he has slept all night (hooray !!!) but it never seems to last long (touch wood this time's different), but I have had a menthol eucalyptus vapouriser on for the last two nights because of his cold.
On the day that I gave birth, the midwives suggested that night that I have him in bed with me as even they didn't know why he wouldn't settle. Strangely now he wants to come into our bed, but even that won't make hime sleep.

Have an older boy (age 5) hence the name experience, but just shows that having one doesn't make you an expert. Eldest sleeps like a log !

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