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suddenly waking through the night.

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stewarty Fri 14-Jan-05 18:17:26

My 10 week old has gone from being a good night sleeper to waking just about every two hours in a tizzy.He doesn't even want fed and we get him down again quite quickly.Anyone else in same boat and how did you deal with it

Jasmum Fri 14-Jan-05 18:50:45

Thought I'd reply seeing as no-one else has. IME babaies at this age are still finding there little blanace, if he doesn't want feeding or anything else I would leave him to go back to sleep on his own.
Not sure what else to say, but this is what I would do if previosuly he'd been a good sleeper & didn't want anything.

Papillon Fri 14-Jan-05 19:02:56

Have you checked if he is too hot...too cold etc.

Personally I would not just leave him to go back to sleep... way to young and still learning about sleep. Hopefully it is just a stage.

Is he bottle feed? Have you changed anything recently with formula etc.

highlander Sat 15-Jan-05 03:31:32

my DS went through a very bizarre head banging stage at 10wks. He would come into a light phase of sleep, wake up and start banging his head from side to side. At first I would lift him, but one night I couldn't be arsed getting out of bed and he fell deeply asleep again within 15 mins. He wasn't crying, just making odd noises.

He would appear to have grown out of it!

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