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Late afternoon nap = early mornings?

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TracyK Thu 13-Jan-05 11:37:18

ds is waking between 5 and 6 am and I'm sure it's because he has a late nap in the afternoon. He doesn't nap at nursery till about 12 midday and then I pick him up at 1 - so he's only getting 30-40 mins (after being up since the crack of dawn!)
But its enough to rejouvenate him till 3/3.30 - then he would take 1.5 - 2hrs.
Do you think this is why he wakes early in the morings? and how can I get the nursery to make him nap without getting stroppy with them.

bloss Thu 13-Jan-05 12:00:47

Message withdrawn

Gem13 Thu 13-Jan-05 12:21:50

How old is he?

TracyK Fri 14-Jan-05 09:04:31

10 months.
Yesterday he had a 2 minute nap during his lunch and then when I picked him up at 1 - he was wide awake and very playful - till I physically pinned him down and bf him to sleep at 3 till 4.30.
He woke at 5.30am this morning!

nailpolish Fri 14-Jan-05 09:07:17

tracy, my dd sometimes would only be up for a wee while before i put her down for her nap, say she was up at 7 and i would put her down at 11, for 1 hr and a half.

tell the nursery about the early mornings, cry if you have to and hopefully the message will get across to them

ask them to put him down at 11

TracyK Fri 14-Jan-05 11:16:18

At the mo it's bearable getting woken at 5.30 and as ds is always in a good mood _ I've not pushed the point with the nursery. They know I want him to sleep - but the only way to get him to do it is to put in a cot and stay stroking his cheek or back for 10-15 mins - and I presume they can't afford to have a member of staff away from the room for that long.
But if it gets unbearable or he starts getting grumpy some of the time - I'll push the point.
Hopefully I can try and get him back into a routine (of sorts) this weekend and see if it can carry on into the working week.

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