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Help me to keep my 4 yr old in her own bed

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ourdarling Tue 11-Jan-05 11:27:23

Our 4 year old darling has from birth had a bedtime routine. Today, we do the funtime bath, stories, night light , re assuring exchanges of 'l love you' , kisses and cuddles. Her room is beautiful and warm. The time is 7.15 and l can not leave the room without her at my heals. Yes, l am firm and yes this has gone on forever. l hoped when she began school she would be too tired and would settle quickly - no! We can either have an exchange of 'get back into bed', 'it's sleepy time', but she will not get into bed unless l stay in the room until she falls asleep and this can take anything between 40 minutes to an hour. I do not want to end the day by getting angry with her and usually l stay, but in the prefect world l would be great to be able to say 'goodnight' and leave. l believe Joan Crawford used to tie her children in bed, but l am more of a Mary Poppins.

Insomnia Wed 12-Jan-05 21:57:09

I truly truly understand what you're going through. I use to stay in my boy(4)'s room until he fell asleep. Then I would go back to my bed, close my eyes, and hear the patter of small feet coming towards my room. I can honestly say I have tried EVERYTHING. Now I am so tired (I get up for my little girl-2- as well), I wake up every morning in a different bed, not knowing how I got there... sigh...

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