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I STILL can't sleep if the wardrobe doors are open - can you?

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morningpaper Mon 05-May-08 11:54:23

DH thinks I am bonkers but all wardrobe doors much be shut

Why? he says

Monsters! I say

Not sure really, but I can't BEAR wardrobe doors being open.

Am I mad?

Nocca Tue 06-May-08 22:20:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoMuchToBits Tue 06-May-08 22:22:14

I have to have wardrobe doors shut, too - but not because of monsters. They are just too untidy if left open!

morningpaper Tue 06-May-08 22:22:55

I don't have a single ticking clock in the HOUSE

they drive me INSANE

maidamess Tue 06-May-08 22:23:34

curtains that don't quite meet drive me mad.

SoMuchToBits Tue 06-May-08 22:24:44

Strange, I can quite happily have curtains open and a whole room-full of ticking clocks, but not wardrobe doors or drawers open!

FloridaKbear Tue 06-May-08 22:27:46

OMG, that is hilarious - I am exactly the same. Wardrobe doors shut, deffo and a can't stick my feet out of the bed either, must be neatly tucked under duvet, you never know what might grab you and suck you under the bed never to be seen again!!

spiker Tue 06-May-08 22:32:34

When I was a student I rented a furnished house one year which had NO WARDROBES WHATSOEVER in it. When pushed, the landlord admitted he had A Problem With Wardrobes and refused to have them in any of his houses.

He put up a rail for me.

Niecie Tue 06-May-08 22:32:41

Oh goodness, I never considered I might be mad!

I thought everybody had a check list,
- wardrobe doors shut
- en-suite door shut (and bathroom too!)
- bedroom door pushed as shut as possible without being properly shut (so DC can still get the door open in the night)
- landing lamp on
- drawers closed
- handbag has to be next to the bed (in case we have to evacuate in a hurry and I need keys, cash, cards etc)
- curtains properly closed and straight
- children's wardrobes and drawers also shut

Seeing it all written down, I would agree that perhaps I am definitely the wrong side of loopy.grin

evenhope Tue 06-May-08 22:33:58

I have to have the wardrobe doors closed but the ensuite door open (no window in ensuite)

I used to have the door open and the landing light on but have got used to having the door shut now.

My mum said she used to have the door shut so she "only had to watch the window". The insanity is clearly inherited grin

spiker Tue 06-May-08 22:34:00

um I have to have the wardrobe doors shut too, but so does DH. I thought this was normal??

DrNortherner Tue 06-May-08 22:34:08

Oooh no I can't bear it either. Equally drawers must be shut properly and no items of clothing hanging out <shudder>

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thornrose Tue 06-May-08 22:37:20

I hate things hanging outside of wardrobe, potentially turning into strange dark shapes in the night.

Heathcliffscathy Tue 06-May-08 22:37:41

they must definitely be shut. and drawers closed. it's just annoying otherwise.

good i'm married to a man that can't close anything he opens at all.

specialmagiclady Tue 06-May-08 22:41:48

Wardrobe and drawers shut. Shoulders MUST be covered, except in absolute baking heat of summer/holidays.

Am very pleased that live on 1st floor so maniacs can't press their faces to downstairs windows. Which they always do. Always.

Joash Tue 06-May-08 22:44:28

I can't sleep with any part of my body hanging over the edge of the bed ever since watching an episode of that Mulder and Scully thing years ago (can't rememberwhat it was called) where something came from under the bed an was snatching people.

FloridaKbear Tue 06-May-08 22:46:54

LOL at maniacs!!!

Naetha Tue 06-May-08 22:47:25

Oh, also can't sleep if a shirt is hanging up where I can see it.

hifi Tue 06-May-08 22:47:55

jump on bed so man under bed cant grab my feet.

jaynz Tue 06-May-08 22:53:37

Got to have all doors closed, blankets pulled up and tucked in except for a space to just fit my foot out - not leg just foot. All other doors in house must be shut too, except outside doors. Leave those open for the dogs. Don't care about curtains or windows being open though. But DH is obsessed with the curtains covering all gaps properly.

Wow, this is weird when you look at it all

Niecie Tue 06-May-08 22:54:22

I don't have to do the checking under the bed thing as we have a divan. Saves time on the checklist.grin

I agree with you MMJ about the glass of water too. Do you ever drink any of it because I rarely take more than a sip so it is a bit of mad of me to be so obsessive about it really.

expatinscotland Tue 06-May-08 22:55:11

oh, no, no wardrobe doors open.

expatinscotland Tue 06-May-08 22:55:15

oh, no, no wardrobe doors open.

KerryMum Tue 06-May-08 22:55:50

I have to have a light on in the hallway\bathroom at night.

hatwoman Tue 06-May-08 22:56:13

mp - don;t be so ridiculous. you don't have to shut teh wardrobe doors to keep the monsters in.

everyone knows wardrobes only have bogeymen and gremlins.

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