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DS aged 6, having trouble falling off to sleep. Any tips or suggestions??

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Pip2 Mon 10-Jan-05 22:37:12

My son, age 6 is having trouble falling off to sleep. Despite being physically tired, and having a full day at school, he has difficulty falling off to sleep, tossing, turning and getting anxious as he can't fall asleep. Some nights it will be 8.30pm before he will be fast asleep, one hour after he went to bed. He has a glass of warm milk before we go up, followed by bathtime, story and bed. He doesn't watch much television and if he does, we have a rule that the television has to be off at 6pm. I've tried story and music tapes, lavender oil on his pillow but nothing seems to be helping. He is a lively, energetic boy and happy otherwise.
Does anyone have any suggestions or tips that I could try? I read about a sleep balm, called Badgers Sleep Balm and just wondered if anyone here had used it?

pixiefish Mon 10-Jan-05 22:46:00

a technique i use for myself when i have trouble sleeping is to lie down (obviously) and feel my feet going to sleep, then the sleep travels up my legs to my knees, then up to my hips. then my fingers fall asleep and the sleep travels up my arms- do you get the idea?

tamum Mon 10-Jan-05 22:47:23

Poor you, and your ds. It sounds as though you are doing everything right- my ds, now 10, has always been pretty much like this. We let him go to bed a bit later, and now he is allowed to read until he feels sleepy as he just doesn't seem to need as much sleep as his sister, for example. I would be very inclined to let him go up half an hour later and see if that helps, as much to break the cycle as anything. Good luck.

Frizbe Mon 10-Jan-05 22:49:18

How is his reading? you could let him read a book by himself for half an hour, does the trick with ss aged 6! (he still has story from us, then if not tired reads his own, often have to pick the book up and turn off the light)

KateandtheGirls Mon 10-Jan-05 22:52:49

My 5 year old has been like this for 2 or 3 years now. She's often still awake an hour after going to bed. I just try not to make too big a deal out of it, and let her read or play with a toy quietly until she gets more sleepy. Often, when she wants to get out of bed and be with me, telling her I will go check on her and give her a hug every 5 minutes (and then actually doing it of course), helps her calm down. She doesn't feel abandoned.

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