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Waking in the middle of tne night (1 year old)

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Manfwood Wed 18-Dec-02 08:56:16

My DS (who is 1) has always been a good sleeper and slept through from quite an early age. (although always woke up early in the morning) However he has started waking up in the middle of the night for the last 4 nights. Last night went in about 2.30am and he was standing up (in his grobag) so i laid him down and gave him back his dummy and it worked for a bit but then dh went in there and tried to comfort him. he is fine when you are holding him but dont want to get into that habit. tried leaving him for about an hour but he was just making noise to ended up coming in bed with us (again) and eventually went to sleep. i put him back in his cot about an hour later and no problem. However he now needs waking up in the morning (i work 3 days a week) whereas he used to wake up quite early (sometimes far too early) of his own accord.

I dont know why he is waking up - dont think he is cold as last night had long sleeved vest, sleepsuit and grobag and didnt feel particularly cold. just seems to want the company but dont want this to get into a habit and obviously hate waking him up in the morning.

Also wearing us out a bit as well.

Any ideas??

Thanks a lot

bayleaf Wed 18-Dec-02 20:32:32

NO ideas - but dd who is now nearly 2 slept ''like a baby'' 7-7 most of her first year but has been far more erratic this second year. It has gone in various phases - and I have read that this is faily common ( GF certainly says that 'good' babies often relapse in their second year.)
IF he is in no obvious signs of pain I would be inclined to leave him to it ( yes I know, easier said than done) mostly with dd it just seems to have been that she has woken up and decided that seeing as she's awake she'd like some company - often 20 mins in our bed satisfies her ( she asks to go back to her own bed) she also often wakes up for a drink which I have stupidly got into the habit of allowing her. If I could go back a year I wouldn't allow her into our bed unless she was ill ( I am NOT good at co-sleeping - basically I don't sleep at all!)and not give drinks at all in the night so that it doesn't become expected.
But then hindsight is a wonderful commodity isn't it?!

jemw Wed 18-Dec-02 23:11:00

My ds would often wake up thirsty, and would take a cup (with lid) to bed so he could have a drink when he woke up, but then we would have to get up because he had dropped the cup.........

Jane101 Thu 19-Dec-02 17:38:35

We had the same thing. My son slept through the night from 10 weeks old until 11 months. Then started waking every night and taking ages to get back to sleep. After a few weeks, he got better again, and since then (he's now 23 months) he's had phases of sleeping through most nights, waking up most nights, and waking briefly several nights a week. He's in a sleeping through phase at the moment (hurray! - touch lots of wood). I've decided, although it's hard that I'll really try not to get him out of his bed and that does seem to work eventually. If I get him out and hug him one night, he expects the same the next night, and so on.

Good luck.

Manfwood Fri 20-Dec-02 09:54:37

Just a quickie as ds has woken from his nap. We left the heating on last night as was v cold - thought would give it a whirl. He slept through until 7.15!! so maybe he was waking slightly and was cold. Should be milder tonight so fingers crossed!


MaggieW Sun 29-Dec-02 12:34:15

Your baby could be hungry. My 13 month old started waking during nights too - not crying but waking singing, gabbling etc. This coincided with beginning to walk, using more energy and developing a bigger appetite. I now try to feed him up late afternoon with snacks and a big dinner (which he won't always eat) plus his bedtime bottle. We now have about 1 in 6 nights where he wakes, which is much better than before.

Cathy1 Tue 21-Jan-03 11:29:10

Snap. My 13 month old has always slept well. Might slightly wake once or twice and moan and gran a bit but thats all. 2 nights ago she atarted waking up - standing up in the cot and yelling. Last night I had visitors so didn't want to let her yell. I tried to get her to lie down but she didn't so I took her into my bed intending to put her back in the cot after 15 mins (she usually falls straight asleep in our bed). But she stayed awake for 2.5 hours from 2:30am just tossing, turning, sitting up, cuddling, chatting. I guess it just must be a phase but its a very tiring one. Tonight we have no visitors so I will try leaving her yelling but i'm not sure it would work as she didn't even seem tired. Just wanted company.

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