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3mth old - advice on the nightfeed b4 or after bath???

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trinanz Sun 15-Dec-02 13:56:04

Hi, our 3mth dd has started having trouble going to sleep at night over the last week. Her current routine is to have a 4pm full b/f, 4oz bottle at 5.30pm (formula), a bath at 6.30pm then a full b/f and 4oz express breastmilk after this. She used to go to sleep fairly easily but now doesn't. We were wondering whether she should be having her bath after the 'final' evening feed as with all her other naps she goes to sleep without having being fed first. Any advice??? We have been reading the baby whisperer book.

SoupDragon Sun 15-Dec-02 17:22:00

My DSs always had their final bf after their bath.

When does she have her last nap before bed time? Could it be that she simply isn't tired at bedtime now?

Lollypop Sun 15-Dec-02 19:28:05

DD always had her feed after her bath. I didn't like the idea of feeding just before a bath as adults and children shouldn't.

Chinchilla Sun 15-Dec-02 19:58:30

I always gave my ds his last bf after his bath. Perhaps you could just delay her bath an hour? This will mean you eating later, but it might do the trick. Can't remember the protocol (it was a long time ago for me), but could you not just put her down in her cot awake?

Let us know how you get on.

bayleaf Sun 15-Dec-02 21:09:32

AS with everyone else I alwasy fed dd after her bath.
In 'teaching the baby to learn to sleep well' terms yes you should ALWAYS put him/her down in the cot awake.
What do you mean exactly by 'having trouble ' going to sleep? Does she cry and cry for ages or just a bit. Some babies need to cry a little to settle themselves and hard as it is they just need to be left to it. Otherwise I agree that it might be the timing of the afternoon nap.

chiarasmom Mon 16-Dec-02 02:32:35

I always fed DD after bath also. As I recall, and my memory is really dodgy, the reason for this was because DD always fell asleep after breastfeeding, so I would basically nurse her to sleep. I also read the baby whisperer book but can't remember - does she say not to nurse your baby to sleep - or something like that? I think I never followed that advice, since breastfeeding was what I always did to get DD to get to sleep.

susanmt Tue 17-Dec-02 22:05:55

I have always fed mine after the bath (when they have a bath, that is. Both of mine love the bath so much it wakes them up and I often bathe them in the morning because of this. But the last thing I always did with mine was a feed. In fact, it is only the last week or so I have stopped feeding ds to sleep (10 months). He now finishes feeding before he goes to sleep, and tonight when I put him down I said 'Nite Nite' and he waved and said 'baa-baa' which he does for bye bye. I cried!

mears Wed 18-Dec-02 00:00:28

Trinaz - what do you mean by a full b/f. Why does she need EBM after a feed? Perhaps she has an overdistended tummy and is therefore having trouble getting to sleep.

Greengage Wed 18-Dec-02 14:15:01

I have been giving my DD (5 wks) a small feed about an hour before bathing. After the bath she has the second breast and is usually asleep within 10-15 mins. The problem I have is trying to keep her awake between the feeds. I have been thinking that I'll try just giving her a full feed afterwards rather than splitting it.

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