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Trying CC but 11month old DD cries till sick

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jamhead Thu 06-Jan-05 21:38:07

After having always cuddled DD to sleep and then put her down, we are now trying CC but have 2 probs:

Firstly, she always stands up in her cot (in grobag) immediately.

Secondly, she screams at maximum lung capacity until she vomits (only takes 5 mins or so!) - at which point I feel guilty and go in and clear up the mess, pick her up, soothe her etc.

Anyone have any experience of this and/or helpful tips? I'm finding it very stressful and not sure where to go from here.

lockets Thu 06-Jan-05 21:41:01

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Thu 06-Jan-05 21:41:53

Standing up in her grobag isn't a problem, she'll just lie down when she's tired of it

As for being sick .. if you are sure this is the right approach for you then you have to stand firm against any form of manipulation including crying till I vomit ... just Go in clear up the mess, don't look at her or talk to her .. put her back into bed and leave .. you may want to get some of those pampers change mats .. then just make up her cot with a sheet a change mat then another sheet and so on so you can just rip off a layer

Don't feel guilty .. you are doing this for HER benefit .. she NEEDS sleep

that's the way you're supposed to do it on CC

aloha Thu 06-Jan-05 21:42:13

How upsetting for you. I'd find this upsetting too. Have you tried a more gradual withdrawal? Eg not actually cuddling her to sleep but cuddling her until she is drowsy then sitting with her and stroking her hand/head/back until she goes off, then just sitting there, and then sitting a bit further away etc etc? Just a thought.

Clayhead Thu 06-Jan-05 21:43:42

We did as aloha suggests, took a while but worked in the end with very few tears.

ionesmum Thu 06-Jan-05 22:44:51

jamhead, just want to second the vote for gradual withdrawl. CC doesn't suit every baby and if you don't feel right about it, don't do it. Try looking in the Baby Whisperer or the No Cry Sleep Solution by E. Pantley for ideas. My dd1 always stood up in her grobag, once she tried to chase me as I left the room and she fell and hit her head on the side of the cot. No damage more than a bruise, but loads of tears. You are doing a great job and if your dd loves being cuddled to sleep, leaving her in her own vomit sounds like a bit of an extreme change to say the least. One more thing, this baby stage goes sooooooooooo quickly, one day you will be longing for a little baby to cuddle - my dd2 is going through exactly the same thing (cuddling and nursing to sleep) at 9 mo and I'm already feeling sad that it will end soon! Oh, and we found getting dd1 out of her cot and onto a matress on the floor worked wonders - you need a baby-proof room, some say from around 15 mo but a retired hv friend says from when they can stand in their cot. HTH

weightwatchingwaterwitch Fri 07-Jan-05 08:29:38

Jamhead, I've got a puker too, it's really hard isn't it? Mine's 13 months but we seem to be cracking it. She was standing up in her grobag and screaming and screaming but she seems to be gradually getting herself back to sleep. I just lie her down again and again and again, very calmly, no chat adn we're getting there. So could you stay in the room but give her the message that she won't be getting up? We do the same in the night but she's in our room so we don't have a choice. Sorryt if repeating, haven't read other posts.

jamhead Fri 07-Jan-05 21:21:02

Thanks everyone for advice.

Ionesmum I think you're right - maybe CC is not right for DD and I don't feel right doing it. Also, don't think I was clear about why we decided to try it as I don't really have a problem getting up one night in 5 or 6 to settle her again. Will carry on with cuddling and putting down for a while.

Wishing you continued success Weightwatchingwaterwitch.

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