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sleeping in the day - does yours resist it? And is it a problem?

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lisalisa Thu 06-Jan-05 15:15:12

Message withdrawn

mincepiemama Thu 06-Jan-05 15:48:40

Lisalisa, my 14 mth old dd has never napped very well during the day, maybe 30 mins in the morning and another 30 mins in the afternoon if I'm lucky.

Unfortunately she doesn't sleep well at night either!
Last night she was awake for nearly 2 hours 4am -5.30 am, then went back to sleep until 7.30am, but has still only had 45 mins sleep today...
I worry frantically about her daytime naps, as I find it hard to stick to a solid routine as I also have a 3year old to contend with. She also won't sleep in her cot in the daytime, only in the car or buggy.

I sympathise with you completely. Many people tell me to chill out about her naps, but it's hard when you have a fractious, tired toddler on your hands.
I guess it may just be a phase your dd is going through? I would try and ride with it and maybe it will pass. I can't offer much other advice, only my empathy... it's hard work isn't it?? I despair sometimes!!!

mincepiemama Thu 06-Jan-05 15:52:27

ps. this is wierd as I just logged onto mumsnet to post a new message/thread about dd's naps... spooky

lisalisa Thu 06-Jan-05 16:24:49

Message withdrawn

rouge Fri 07-Jan-05 00:21:16

My 11.5 month old is currently doing almost exactly the same as your DD, lisalisa. It's driving me bonkers. Her night sleep's gone weird too. Let me know if you find a solution ......

Frizbe Fri 07-Jan-05 00:28:08

it must be a 14 mth thing! my dd has also dropped to 1hr naps maximum, less if she tries....but she sleeps relativly ok at night, unless the dredded back teeth are on the she managed half an hour when in shops and 20mins in car later.....I think its to do with becoming more active in my dd's case, all that newly found walking and chattering none stop, (if only I knew what about!)

kinderbob Fri 07-Jan-05 07:35:02

My ds did the same. pop her in the cot anyway so you can both have a rest. If she wants to walk around then that's fine. At the time you want her to have woken up, get her out anyway (even if she didn't sleep).

A couple of times a week I take ds on a walk in the pram at nap time so he can have a sleep. That seems to be enough.

lisalisa Mon 10-Jan-05 11:17:41

Message withdrawn

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