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Is regular sleeping in a bassinet travel cot ok?

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Fionn Thu 12-Dec-02 21:20:16

A friend of mine is expecting her first child and is buying my travel cot (a Graco one with bassinet) from me. She asked if it's advisable for a newborn to sleep in the bassinet instead of a Moses basket for the first 3 months, until she feels the baby is big enough to go into a cot. I said I wasn't sure - would it be supportive enough do you think? She doesn't want a Moses basket as her cat will want to scratch the wicker but feels that a cot is "too big" for a newborn.

arizona Thu 12-Dec-02 21:27:06

I think that would be fine Fionn. Both of my children slept in a carry cot for the first 2- 3 months with no problems.

chiarasmom Thu 12-Dec-02 22:09:12

I think that's what the bassinette is for actually. We actually tried to get our baby to sleep in either a Moses basket or the Graco packnplay w/ bassinette - we had both. She wouldn't sleep in either, and for the first 6 weeks or so, she slept with us (I know - bad, bad, bad).

sobernow Thu 12-Dec-02 22:46:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fionn Thu 12-Dec-02 23:11:49

Thanks everyone. Chiarasmum - my second wouldn't sleep in his Moses basket at all so was in with us most of most nights for the first 3 months too - it didn't do anyone any harm!

SueW Fri 13-Dec-02 01:17:38

The practice nurse told me at an antenatal appt that the baby I was expecting could sleep in a box or drawer if necessary and it was totally unecessary to worry about what kind of cot or bassinet to get!

We got both but she's slept with us for a lot of the time.

chiarasmom Fri 13-Dec-02 03:31:50

Ok. Here I go - I'll admit that my baby during the 1st month or so actually slept for at least 1 week in the "changing table" part of the Graco Pack-n-play, cuz as I mentioned below, she would not sleep in either the Moses basket or the bassinette part- and I was feeling guilty about her sleeping in our bed because everyone was telling us that it was dangerous. Anyway, she's fine now and sleeps well (and thru the night) in her crib. So basically, as everyone is saying, I think anywhere is pretty much fine.

Enid Fri 13-Dec-02 09:36:59

I think its fine too, but I'd get her to reconsider the cot idea as its lovely to get rid of all the bits and pieces (moses baskets, carrycots etc) and put them in their big cot. Both dds slept with me in a grown up bed for the first few weeks, but at 5/6 weeks I started putting Dd2 in her big cot and she looked lovely and cosy with all her blankets etc around.

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