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3 month old suddenly waking lots at night - help!

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lu9months Sat 01-Jan-05 11:51:26

our ds has been waking once for a quick feed once at 3.30/4am since 6 weeks. however, for the last 3 nights, he has woken at 12.30/1.30/and repeatedly throughout the night. if I dont feed him, he does eventually settle himself, and I'm not convinced he's hungry. he is bf with a bottle at 10 ish. during the day I sort-of follow Gina Ford routines and feed times.he seems fine during the day, but uncomfortable and distressed at night. Infacol no help so in a moses basket - could he be outgrowing it? spent new years eve up all night - aaaah! advice please!

winterwarmmummer Sat 01-Jan-05 11:54:45

Don't worry - it will pass.. It will get better and you will have sleep again - I promise.

He could be having a growth spurt, and therefore needs more to eat.

I used to try and squeeze as much food in during the day in order to get as long a night as possible. You could always put in a formula bottle as his last bottle at night as it is harder to digest, but I don't know how this would affect your bf.

TracyK Sat 01-Jan-05 15:02:27

We put our ds in his big cot at 12 weeks and he started sleeping 13 hours a night! pity it only lasted a couple of months.
You will go through phases of them going through the night and other times up 3 and 4 times with teething, colds, growth spurts etc.
My reasoning is - do whatever it takes to get them back to sleep the quickest. for me it was either boob in bed with me or dh giving a bottle in his cot.
I couldn't be arsed with all the rocking/cc ing - I just wanted my sleep.
ds is now almost 10 mo and sometimes sleeps through and sometimes doesn't.

lu9months Sun 02-Jan-05 18:40:09

thanks for that - he had a better night last night. as you say, it goes in phases. am going to try the big cot.

highlander Mon 03-Jan-05 00:00:50

I moved my DS out of his pram at 3 weeks as he kept whacking his hands on the sides and waking himself up. Also, with 3 of us in the bedroom I think he was a bit hot. Since moving him into his own big cot in a cool, dark room (no nightlight) he's pretty much slept from 7pm - 7am with 1 or 2 feeds anytime between 12am and 5am.

Also, you've said he'll settle himself - let him! It's really impt that you don't wake him as he's probably in 'active sleep' - sounds like he's waking but he's not.

Finally, at 3 mo he'll be going through a growth spurt - is he getting enough food during the day? A strict routine such as GF is fine, but don't deny him his grub!

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