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Dream Analysis

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Getaway Thu 30-Dec-04 16:50:31

Just wondered if anyone knows anything about "Dream Analysis" and how you go about having this done. I feel my dreams are affecting my day to day life.

Anyone ever had it done - have read dream books but they seem to just generalise - I presume everyones dreams are dreamt for different reasons.

Does that sound daft?

marzipan Thu 30-Dec-04 16:58:35

Would be interested in this myself - bought a book called Dreaming Reality (I think) by some psychologist - stil haven't read it

marzipan Thu 30-Dec-04 22:05:48

Can we bump this up - any suggestions - will go upstairs for name and author in a min - got to put 3 destructivos to bed - will be back

Nutcracker Thu 30-Dec-04 22:09:07

I would be interested too. I keep having dreams about the same person over and over again. The dreams are always different but they seem to be more real than other dreams i have in the way that when i wake i imeeidatly think "oh god not again" and they make me feel quite depressed.

Getaway Thu 30-Dec-04 22:10:38

Thanks Marz and Nut - I am at my wits end - I am so scared of my dreams - they are not bad but just scary sometimes

marzipan Thu 30-Dec-04 22:12:45

No probs - don't know where you live - it is an irish author - Joe Griffin & Joe Tyrrell - my dreams haven't been too bad lately so this is why I probably didn't read it - but I have some awful recurring dreams that I would love to get to the bottom of - some have gone for more than 20 years - no exaggeration

Nutcracker Thu 30-Dec-04 22:16:49

Sounds awful Getaway. I had a scary dream the other night and unusally it continued each time i woke up and went back to sleep.

Are they always about the same thing Getaway ??

Getaway Thu 30-Dec-04 22:22:07

Nutty I can relate to them but I just would like to know what they mean - if they are showing special signs - don't believe in these things persay but the are reoccurring. Mostly in the last 10 years

Getaway Thu 30-Dec-04 22:38:43

oh well - really thought by looking at other threads I would get some response - will continue to live in the shadow of my dreams - as always [sad}

marzipan Thu 30-Dec-04 22:43:40

Sorry Getaway - I'm in a quandry also - can't help anymore - I know it does have an affect on my life - my DH can never get over how vivid my dreams are - tbh I think I would be scared to get them analysed - don't know why - sorry emoticons on here are not the best so can't put one up.

marzipan Thu 30-Dec-04 22:47:52

Maybe quiet due to time of year - I am quite new - maybe after new year more will be online - will bump it up then if you like?

marzipan Thu 30-Dec-04 23:27:36

few on now - bump

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