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10 month wakes screaming at 10/11pm every night with coughing fit

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issywoo Sun 26-Dec-04 23:07:21

ds has had a cold since 2nd october. runny nose, cough, wheeze. dr says several viruses have rolled into eachother and just sit it out. have resorted to medised at 11pm when he screams and he then sleeps thru. but been doing this for 2 weeks and am worried it cld be harmful. any advice? he's always been a poor sleeper except if he's 100% well then he sleeps 12 hrs but thats very very rare.
has he developed a habit or is it genuine. he has been teething as well poor mite

soapboxingday Sun 26-Dec-04 23:15:07

Are you sure it is an infection and not allergy related? Something in his bedding possibly?

Is it possible his ears are infected - this causes a lot of pain once they have been lying flat for a while (although would normally only be an hour or so max)??

mishiclaus Mon 27-Dec-04 09:53:49

i know teething can aso make ur lo have a Ds gets very chesty when he has teeth the moment he has been for about 2 weeks due sto his molars cutting....not much help really...i know its his teeth because through the day he is not as chesty etc and doesnt need any medicine...medised is good becaus eit also has a sedative effect while drying up the mucus...

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