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Will CC work for me? 7mth wants to play at night

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kbaby Sun 26-Dec-04 11:38:02

Am prepared to do CC over xmas but I dont know if its even going to work. DD whos 7 months has been waking at 11pm for the past 1.5 months.
At 8pm she goes in her cot and falls asleep herself. At 11pm ish she wakes and starts crying. Most nights we take it in turns to go in and give the dummy turn the llulaby on etc until after a bit we give up and bring her into bed where she will fall asleep eventually(normally takes 2hrs). Alternetively if we take her out of the cot and play with her we can then put her back in the cot where she will play for 2hrs and then fall asleep on her own until 7am. I have tried feeding her when she wakes but she wont accept breast, bottle or water, so I know shes not hungry. Its as if shes had a 3hr nap and then wants to play before going for another 6hr nap.

The reason im not sure if cc will work is because she can go to sleep on her own. How can I convince her that she needs to sleep through? or will cc work? Do I get rid of the Dummy?

Anyone had this problem and if so how did they combat it?

MrsBigDrumsADrumming Sun 26-Dec-04 13:13:25

Hi kbaby

in theory if dd does not want food when she wakes up at night then she should be able to sleep through. You might want to try by not taking her out of her room so she learns she has to stay in there over night (did that with dd ourselves as she had a habit of wanting to come into our bed in the middle of the night). Once she's used to staying in there and learned that she won't be taken into bed with mum & dad she might decided it's not worth waking up

As for getting rid of the dummy I can't comment as my dd never used it... and I can't get rid of her thumb

hope you had a lovely christmas and good luck!

ladymuck Sun 26-Dec-04 13:18:11

Agree with MrsBigDrumsaDrumming - Taking babies out of their room at night starts a pattern which you might not want. All else ebign well 7 months is old enough fo cc. You may find that the half way house is to go in to readminister dummy etc and be very boring! No lights, no talk (I did manage the odd "shh, shh").

What are her daytime sleep like? Is this time to be dropping to just one lunchtime nap?

naturalmother Mon 27-Dec-04 23:18:09

Hi KBaby,

I do not see any reason why controlled cryig should not work with your baby, however if you are unsure about using this method there are alternativs that work just as effectivly with out the distress to you or your baby. I would observe your childs pattern of behaviour and work out wheteher getting rid of the dummy wold be helpful to solving their sleep issues or seek to hinder them. Only give yourself small hills to climb. Try not to make your life harder by trying to overcome all things at once.I hope this helps a little.

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 27-Dec-04 23:51:53

We're having the same problem at the moment or should I say had. Did controlled crying last Thursday night and we have had no problems since! Hv said it should work after 1 or 2 nights.

kbaby Wed 29-Dec-04 11:41:29

Newbarn. How long did it take to work. Ive started a new thread as were on day 2 and no improvement.

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