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Should I get blackout blinds?

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Stefka Fri 21-Mar-08 09:32:10

It hasn't really mattered so much that the blinds are not black out in my baby's room (He's 21 weeks) as it's been dark anyway but now it's getting lighter I wonder if I should get some.

Cheapest I can find are going to cost me forty quid to do all the windows. Is it worth the investment? Will it help his sleep?

MeMySonAndI Fri 21-Mar-08 09:35:50

Worth every penny, it is very difficult to get a child to sleep with sooo much light during the summer months... BEsides, they may even help you to stay in bed for longer in the unlikely event your child allows you to grin

CarGirl Fri 21-Mar-08 09:36:44

Why don't you just get black out blinds from Ikea much cheaper (possibly you may not even have to change the fittings!). I would recommend the as it gets light at 4am in the summer! I also think that research has proved that your body gets more beneficial sleep in the dark than in the light.

Indith Fri 21-Mar-08 09:37:48


If you are handy with such things it is much cheaper to buy a load of blackout lining and make a simple blind yourself. Or even just sew some velcro to a piece of lining cut to size and stick it over the window at night.

meep Fri 21-Mar-08 09:41:49

Mothercare have blackout curtains that you can just hang behind your existing curtains here. We bought them because we have a funny sized window and the Ikea blind was a mare to cut (metal tube!!!). There is still a bit of light that comes in at the top - but it is still pretty dark. Worth every penny!
Before we got them we used to hang dark/black towels at the window - worked just as well!

bellavita Fri 21-Mar-08 09:53:55

They were invaluable to us.

Divvy Fri 21-Mar-08 09:56:30

When my now teens were young, I used black bin bags...I was broke back then! lol wink

I now buy leather-ette and make my own.

brrrrmmmm Fri 21-Mar-08 10:05:05

I use blackout curtain linings - cheapy ones from Rosebys or somewhere like that - they're kind of heavy cotton with a plasticky backing. They are wonderful, and really make a difference, they keep the room completely dark and keep DS asleep for an hour or two longer!

kiera Fri 21-Mar-08 10:26:28

Last summer I blu-tacked tin foil on ds1's windows after a tip from a mumsnetter, worked a treat, you could open the windows and it kept the heat of the sun out, not that we had much of that last summer. I'll be putting it up again soon for those lighter mornings!

mehdismummy Fri 21-Mar-08 10:31:48

keira that is a cunning plan!

mehdismummy Fri 21-Mar-08 10:32:43

oops sorry kiera

meep Fri 21-Mar-08 13:30:31

oooooooooooooooo - how do you do the tinfoil and window open thingie? DD's room has a velux window and it gets very very hot in summer so will need the window open - but that will let the light in - is tinfoil the answer?

nobodysfool Fri 21-Mar-08 14:07:13

I wouldn't be without these.They do loads of nice colours at Argos and they are reasonably priced.We also have black out liners on his normal curtains as well.

Stefka Sat 22-Mar-08 08:19:24

Thanks - I ended up getting some from Argos. Spend a bit more than I had planned buying ones with polka dots on them but they are cool!

used2bthin Sat 22-Mar-08 08:25:41

Any tips for if you can't screw anything into anything? We are in a rented flat and got the most pathetic looking officey blinds that I don't THINK I can change, or do the argos ones fit into any blinds holder(can you tell I've never done this before?!)

TheTortoiseandtheEasterbunny Sat 22-Mar-08 08:29:49

I have black out blinds from Argos too. just remember to cut the string to prevent any strangulation hazard.

Usedtobethin You will need blackout curtains if you can't screw into the walls.

used2bthin Sat 22-Mar-08 08:38:27

ok thanks but don't think I can put them up as I've got blinds so nowhere to hang curtains from either iyswim?

used2bthin Sat 22-Mar-08 08:41:06

btw in answer to th OP yes I would recommend getting some. It wasn't a problem for me all last summer but now DD is older she definately wakes earlier due to the light coming through. Which is not TOO bad now its happening at 6 ish but in the summer it will be awful! So I'd say at some point you will be better off with them.

MmeCEggsandeateggs Sat 22-Mar-08 08:55:53

You can buy blackout linings, which simply hook onto your existing curtains, too.

used2bthin Sat 22-Mar-08 08:58:46

Hmm I wonder if you can get them to fix onto binds?

TheTortoiseandtheEasterbunny Sat 22-Mar-08 09:17:27

Ah i missed the bit saying had blinds already. They might fit in the same fixing but it depends what that is!
I think Focus diy store have them too so you might be able to look at the fixings on them.

Or just use the foil that someone else mentioned. smile

MmeCEggsandeateggs Sat 22-Mar-08 09:17:57

used2bthin - OK, OK, maybe I didn't read the OP properly. One hand considered slapped.

used2bthin Sat 22-Mar-08 09:22:40

Oh mmeceggs thats not what I meant at all! I am asking for myself I am not the OP. I think the OP does have blinds but I was saying I wonder if they do the same for blinds hoping someone would come on and say yes they do and tell me where to get them!

used2bthin Sat 22-Mar-08 09:24:33

Will look into the foil thing that may be my solution. Can't help but think of the lovely Paul Nicholls in eastenders some years back though! I am off to look at some home type shops today though will ask around.

MmeCEggsandeateggs Sat 22-Mar-08 09:29:10

Sorry, used2b! smile

<<must address those paranoia issues>>

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