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Breast Addiction? Tell me what I am doing wrong!

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chicca Tue 21-Dec-04 22:22:37

I live in rural Spain, so not much chance for mummy chats, so am relying on all you to tell me like it is - all opinions invited.

Disasterous pattern is as follows.

DS is 5 months. have generally always favoured feeding lying on bed and DS has generally co-slept since birth in our king size (but still feels tiny) bed.

He can currently have around four/five naps a day including one around 6/7 pm for an hour.
Then bathtime/sleepsuit and on bed for breast feed to sleep.

Generally I only leave him once he has "spat me out". Then he wakes after hour and a half ( he used to sleep for about 4/5 hours at this stage). I go in, he is crying, won't be stroked, soothed or go back to sleep any other way than a little suck again (barely eats a thing). Repeat this recipe through the night until 8 ish. Ouch.

but, I know, I know - at least he his back to sleep in 15-20 minutes each time.

Can't see how we can ever break this cycle though.DH reckons it's all down to teething - not so sure.

DS has bever gone to sleep on his own i.e always feed to sleep or in a car, pram, train etc etc. Will iot ever happen?

Way to scared to do CC...........

Kif Tue 21-Dec-04 23:08:29

My experience is that it is not as scary or final as the 'expert books' would have you believe. Dd used to always go to sleep on breast... then it was bottle (around 6 months), now, 9 months, we're on fast teats that she wolfs down too fast to fall asleep, so she goes to sleep on dummy...

So, things change in any case. If you're oK for the time being, perhaps see how he develops after you've weaned him... try baby steps establishing a routine...

My opinion! Know Gina Ford would shudder.

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