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ARGGHHHH! Moved ds2 in with ds1 nightmare!

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moosh Tue 21-Dec-04 10:07:52

Just after a bit of advice and solutions. Have moved ds2 9 months in with ds1 5 yrs. We would have moved him when he was first born but suffred colic and has only just begun to get over stomach problems. So dh and I decided to move him in last night. All went well till 2 am and then he began to scream and cry ds1 was great he slept through most of it but when he woke up properly I sent him in to sleep with dh. It took till about 3.30am to get him to sleep again and I think that exhaustion made him go back to sleep as well as a drop of milk which I never had to do.
I wanted to ask on tips on how to get him back to sleep, do I use controlled crying? do I stay in there with him? and if I don't what happens to ds1? I thought I'd do it now as ds1 is on holidays and doesn't have to get up for school. I want to perservere but am exhausted only after one night. The other annoying thing is that my mum takes it upon herself to comment on how cruel I am to leave him alone to go to sleep by himself in a strange room. So much so that I told her to leave the house this morning because I began to do controlled crying to get him used to being in a strange room and to go sleep by himself. We did this with ds1 at 6 months old but forgot how exhausting it can be. Any advice will be appreciated especially as the whole family would like to get a good noghts sleep before Christmas.

SantaFio2 Tue 21-Dec-04 10:10:08

I take ity you are in a two bed house? I would personally leave putting ds2 in the same room until he is a bit older. We have the same prob with our two. they are next door to one another but keep waking each other up. The only time they sleep well is if they sleep together in the same bed!

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