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bizarre night wakings

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boof Tue 21-Dec-04 09:18:09

My DS (8 months old) has been sleeping well at night for the past 4 months, going 7pm-7am unless ill or teething. In the last week he has woken up almost every other night between 10pm and midnight, crying.

We have tried leaving him, but he struggles to settle, when we do go to him he stops crying immediately we pick him up and settles with a cuddle and story.

It's not...

* hunger
* illness
* wet/dirty nappy

So I am left with

* seperation anxiety (!!?)
* something he has eaten (someone has suggested too much cheese?!)
* habit

Anyone had a similar experience or got any suggestions,

yours perplexed....

sandybee1 Tue 21-Dec-04 09:42:11

I am having the exact same problems with my dd now 7.5 months. Has been a brilliant sleeper since he was 10 weeks, sleeping from 8pm to 8am and now for the past few weeks he is waking anything from 2 to 8 times a night all through the night. We are at our wits end. He will also only settle when we pick him up but even this is difficult as he just keeps arching his back and crying. I have been giving him infacol incase he has trapped wind but he doesn't seem to bring anything up. I have no clue and feel pretty helpless at the moment!
I'm sorry that i can't give any advice but it is good to know that we're not alone.
Take care,

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