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sleep and cold weather / sleeping bags/extra layers

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meysey Mon 13-Dec-04 14:11:59

I've noticed that my DS2, 10 months, wakes up more in the night when it is cold, and sleeps through if we keep the heating on (but we don't want to do this every night)

He has a sleeping bag and is very wriggly so an extra blanket over the bag in cold weather often comes off.

I don't want to dress him for everest at bedtime as it is still quite warm in the house, but am trying to think how I can add warmth that will stay on. Am pondering some kind of velcro and blanket thing, but I am not very good at sewing.

Has anyone got any tips?

singsong Mon 13-Dec-04 15:52:21

Could you get a thicker sleeping bag maybe? They come in different tog. Or perhaps try one of those fleecy sleep-suits.

Willowmum Mon 13-Dec-04 16:35:42

We have a similar problem cos dd's room is in an extention and colder than the rest of the house. We've started keeping a small heater in there and put it on the lowest setting on the coldest nights.

Willowmum Mon 13-Dec-04 16:37:31

PS - We also use sleeping bags from Toys R Us, they were the warmest we could find at 3tog.

alibo Mon 13-Dec-04 22:15:06

we have an extra blanket over ds in his sleeping bag at the moment; use a couple of rolled up hand towels down each side so the blanket usually stays tucked in. he still moves about but the blanket stays tucked in so he's kept a bit warmer.

SnowmAngeliz Mon 13-Dec-04 22:17:50

Can't you put him in warn pj's and leave light cob=ver on then cover him with warmer covers when you go to bed?

SnowmAngeliz Mon 13-Dec-04 22:18:30

what happened there????

Put him in warmer pj's i meant

meysey Mon 13-Dec-04 22:54:19

could try that but he is ultra wriggly which is why we have the sleeping bag so that something stays on. at the moment we add a blanket to the sleeping bag when it is very cold, but it falls off in the night

maybe the answer is more layers early on in the evening and the window open so he doesn't overheat, then shut the window when we go to bed, and he stays toasty

bluemoon Sat 01-Jan-05 21:32:15

Our flat is quite warm but dd goes to sleep in a long sleeved vest, fleecy pajamas and a 2.5 tog sleeping bag. If it's very cold we put the central heating on very low in the room next to hers when we go to bed and leave the door open. It seems to just add a bit of heat to her room but not too much.

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