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Sleep - putting water bottle in cot

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OuiOui Tue 19-Nov-02 11:35:18

My dd is 13 months old and on certain nights needs more water during the night. (Last few nights in particular as she has just developed chich=ken pox and is drinking loads). Is it safe to put her Avent bottle and let her help herself. She does drink her milk bottle by herself but there's always someone around. Cah she choke on her water bottle?

SoupDragon Tue 19-Nov-02 11:45:02

My DSs have always had non-spill beakers in bed with them (from about 1 or so I think). I think something like an Avent Magic cup/anywayup cup would be safe as they have to suck so d*** hard to get anything out.

Lizzer Tue 19-Nov-02 12:31:37

Yeah, same as soupdragon my dd always had her anywayup cup with water in her cot from around 10 months. She would go to bed with it from then every night. Definitely agree you can use any non-spill beaker she has. HTH

inga Tue 19-Nov-02 19:44:01

OuiOui, my cousin's 14 month old has had a bottle of milk next to his mum's bed for him to drink from since he was 11 months old (he will only nod off in his parents' bed and does so in the dark on his own.) They haven't had any worries and will continue to do this.

face Tue 19-Nov-02 20:55:40

My three year old daughter has always had a bottle of milk with her in bed and usually she sleeps through. I need help though, how do I get rid of the bottle for a beaker and how can I stop her waking at night for topping up. She happily drinks from any beaker for juice/water and now cups but will only drink milk from a bottle!

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