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have you had success with millpond sleep book?

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choolie Wed 13-Feb-08 20:34:14

DS is nearly 1. Can't believe I'm considering reading yet another sleep book, but just wondering if this one has worked for anybody? Have tried NCCS, Sears & others, but threw them to back of cupboard the last few months.

I need some sleep! CC not for us.

JimJammum Wed 13-Feb-08 21:07:29

I have it. TBH it gives the same answers as everything else ie. cc if you want, if not, gradual retreat/withdrawal and tips for weaning off night feeds, managing children that go to bed late etc etc. It depends on what your problem is, and then offers a solution for it. I have to say, I'm not convinced it gave me anything I didn't already know.

choolie Wed 13-Feb-08 21:14:37

thanks jimjammum. I did wonder if it would be similar, I think I'm looking for answers that just aren't there now, we've tried so many things, then had so many set-backs, with the usual...teething, developments to practice in cot, illness etc.

DS doesn't like to go to bed, gets cranky at bedtime, fights sleep, wakes frequently through the night, ends up co-sleeping once we get to bed, frequent night feeds still, cries whenever he wakes, whether middle of night or time to get up in the morning, usually wants me not DH...the list goes on.

Mostly I just roll with it now and accept how it is, but have been ill myself this week, struggling to cope on so little sleep and realising I want things to change. Think I'll start tackling things one step at a time, starting with the reducing night feeds. <off I run to the breast & bottle feeding thread!>

gingerninja Thu 14-Feb-08 13:04:18

I used gradual retreat methods with limited success when DD was younger but abandoned it when she learned to stand. I think it'd work better now she's settled and walking but she settles really well with me laying next to her so I can't be bothered. I think we had a bit of a set back around the 12 month mark and at 13 months had our first 'sleep through'

asset1 Fri 15-Feb-08 10:50:39

I found the millpond book really useful! It could have been just that my DS's case fit with one of the example cases they gave, but I did gradual retreat and it worked really well. He was 18 months and never really reliably sleeping through. I know they recommend CC in some cases which I couldn't do. I think what was good for me was that it's laid out very clearly according to the age of the child and the sleep history, keeping a sleep plan seemed to help. And tbh DH being away for 6 weeks helped too!! I found it easier to decide what I was going to do, be typically anal about stickiing to it and not need to discuss it with him at all hours. It also wasn't an immediate thing, for several months after he would wake up and call or cry for a minute but then go back to sleep himself, and as long as we didn't go in (unless he carried on crying or was ill) he would go back to sleep. and yes colds, chicken pox etc threw him out for a while but he got back on track. good luck!

Swaliswan Fri 15-Feb-08 15:21:35

The millpond book is good if you have read all of the other books but you need someone to guide you through the methods in a firm yet flexible enough way. It also tells you how you can combine different techniques if necessary. It suits our DD very well and I would recommend it. Could you get it from a library? Amazon sell it quite cheaply.

Moostantilly123 Thu 25-Jun-15 21:12:04

Just before I order those that have it - does it use exqmoles for what my 5 month old is doing.... Going to bed fine but wakes hourly throughout the night. She doesn't want to be awake but the gets increasingly cross that she is another settling even harder. At my wits end as she is my 3rd so 2 other to think about!

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