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Waking time suddenly changed

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Shattered Sun 10-Nov-02 01:20:33

Hi everyone
My ds (2 1/2) has always been a regular sleeper and up until a week ago, his normal night time sleep was from 8.00/8.15pm until about 7.15am. He also has a 2 hour sleep during the day, and has been doing this for ages, so basically he has been having about 13hrs sleep a day which is pretty standard for his age. All of a sudden he has started waking at 6.00am, and this has been going on for a week now. Needless to say, it's made me tired myself as I'm not used to him rousing so early... anyway this morning he seemed irritable and kept dissolving into tears over nothing, so initially I put it down to being overtired but then I felt around in his mouth and found that his gums were swollen and tender on both sides right at the back. In the end I gave him some painkiller and put him down for a nap. So my question is, could this change in his sleep pattern be attributed to molars? Otherwise I have been wondering whether to put him down a bit later at night, or to cut down his sleep time during the day - but I really don't know if either of these will make a difference in getting him back to his normal waking time. Would appreciate any advice on what may help... thanks.

Ghosty Sun 10-Nov-02 06:39:18

Hi Shattered,

I found that at 2 1/2 my DS began to need less daytime sleep ... if he slept for 2 hours he would take longer to go to sleep and he would wake up earlier ... I had to be really clever and work out what he needed rather than do what we had always done ...

It was not easy but now that DS very rarely sleeps at all in the daytime he sleeps much better at night. BUT, that transition takes ages (took us about 5 months) and so dropping daytime sleep is a long haul ...

HTH a bit ...

jac34 Sun 10-Nov-02 07:20:39

My ds's wake between 5 and 6 every day, and always have done. It makes no difference what time I put them to bed, but they do generally go to bed at 7:30 to 8o.It is just something we've learned to live with. I don't mind in the summer it never seems so bad, it's these dark mornings that get to you!!!!Especially, since dh is not an early riser and it's usually me who has to get up, when their demanding toast at 5:30am.Once they have some food, lights and T.V. on, they will usually leave us in peace to doze, for a while.
The other day dh was looking at the wellbeing website, he called me in and said,"Hay!!! I think I've got this",he was looking at Cronic Fatigue Syndrom.He read out a list of symtoms headaches, joint pains etc...and tierdness for no reason.I pointed out that age and having 2 4yo's waking you at 5:00 everymorning, would have the same effect !!!!

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