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Comfort blankets / transitional objects / loveys / cuddlies - how did your baby adopt hers/his?

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soppy Mon 29-Nov-04 12:56:01

Trying to get DS attached to something to help with sleep problems / separation anxiety - keep hearing about babies adopting a rag or whatever, but how on earth does that happen?! Does mummy introduce rag to baby, or does baby just bump into rag by chance and take a shine to it?

What did your baby attach her/himself to, and how?

lima Mon 29-Nov-04 13:38:30

and I have my own toy cat, made from sheepskin, from my baby days. She lives in a shoebox in the wardrobe

fortnight Tue 30-Nov-04 12:18:51

I also think there may be a genetic link with the comfort objects-my siblings and my uncles had them. My ds never bothered,but dd adopted a blankie at about 10 months-large,fleecey and a pale colour-not what I would have chosen for cleanliness purposes.This was followed by a doll (always undressed),and a really scruffy cuddly toy chick which she spotted at a nearly new sale. And she had so many beautiful toys which never got a look-in!The trio went everywhere with her,and we have lost chicky-babby twice,for months at a time,and then miraculously found him again.It was a bit like dealing with the loss of a pet,I suppose.For that reason a blanket is probably better as it's harder to lose,but I think they usually choose their own.Children who have them are supposedly easier to manage too....

misdee Tue 30-Nov-04 12:23:33

dd1 has her penguin blankie. someone made it for her when she was a baby, and we didnt actually use it for ages, but from about the age of 10months she got very attached to it. i lost it once at a refuge and dd1 refused to settle. i found it in the garden in the pouring rain (one of the other kids took it out) so had to wash/dry it super quick so she would settle. at the age of 4.5yrs she is still attached to it especially when poorly.

dd2 has a rabbit from the bear factory which we got a few months ago. very attached to it. it was lvoe at 1st sight for her, even tho its a large toy and she trips over it at times, she adores it. she carries it around and its called 'Babbit'. i bought a spare one the other week as i dont think she'd cope if we lost it.

secur Tue 30-Nov-04 12:27:22

Message withdrawn

fairydust Tue 30-Nov-04 14:33:39

dd has a comfort blanket it's the size ofa cot bed and in thehouse it goes every were with her - it was a lovely cream colour but now is a dirty cream colour = been washed sooooooo many times even had to stop the washer half way once and dry it in the dryer quickly as she was going blue upset about it gone.

luck;ly we no longer have to take it out with us as it's so big it was always under the wheels of the buggy.

have tried several different blankets but none are the same as her blankie.

fairydust Tue 30-Nov-04 14:34:16

it sort of just came her comforter when she went into a cot at 6mnoths old

JanH Tue 30-Nov-04 14:37:09

DS2's was his cotblanket - a soft acrylic blanket with a smooth ribbon round the edge. We actually had 2, blankie was the white one but the yellow one was ok in the dark; and we cut both in half after a while so we could keep one at grandma's and always have a spare.

The white one is pretty grey now and the ribbon is long gone but (sssh) he still sleeps with it at home and he's 11!

cariboo Tue 30-Nov-04 14:38:58

I'd only ever admit it to MNers but I still have mine! He shares the bed with DH and me. I think I can count on one hand the number of nights I haven't had him with me. There's not much left of the original blanket, so I've made him into a little pillow.

mummytummy Tue 30-Nov-04 19:40:27

DD1 has a really cute blankie which I bought from Toys R Us. We have never let her take it out with her, but she sucks it when she's asleep. The only problem is we tried to buy a replacement in case it fell apart or something, but could only get a blue one (original is pink) and Daddy thought it was a good idea one day to put blue blankie in the cot with pink blankie and we've never managed to get it back! We put it in her cot when she was a baby, and she just started cuddling it. We do have to wash them once a week, because otherwise they get really stinky - especially when she has a cold!

sanchpanch Tue 30-Nov-04 21:23:28

my daughter (15 months) has a blankie it is a muslin square, luckily we have a few so can wash regularly, I think it started when i used to feed her i would always have one on her chest to catch any drips etc, then she started to rub it between her fingers, Now she is happy to have any thing as long as she can rub it through her fingers!!!

LizP Tue 30-Nov-04 22:11:05

ds1 has a pillow case with buttons on - but only in bed. His button thing started as he used to fiddle with the buttons on my nightshirt while feeding. The pillowcases we had at the time had large buttons on and he transfered to that. We have about six of them so no washing problems. One pillow on our bed usually has one of these covers on to help if he migrates bed at night, Only draw back is he prefers the buttons undone and is always undoing buttons he finds - like all the duvet covers.

SecondhandRose Wed 01-Dec-04 08:01:38

I can't believe you want your children to have these ruddy things. I am now 37 years old and have not broken the habit. Please do NOT encourage your kids with security blankets.

cariboo Wed 01-Dec-04 16:53:56

You can say that again! Unless you want your kids like me, still cuddling a security blanket at 42! (I notice no-one commented on my shameful secret...

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