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3 week old - wind? what to do??

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asset1 Mon 21-Jan-08 10:07:33

We can pretty much rock/jiggle her to sleep but then she wakes up grimacing, wriggling, red face, arching back and finally yelling within 5-10 mins of being put down. I thought that swaddling and white noise and hand on her chest seemed to be helping but last night and today that's made no difference, the wind (or whatever it is) is just causing her too much grief. It seems like she's in real pain from the wind, but we try every possible way to bring up a burp or fart with no luck and end up just rocking/jiggling her to sleep - ie. comforting and lulling her to sleep but not getting rid of the real problem. This can take an hour or 2 to work, by which time maybe she's yelling/waking up because she's hungry again?? So I end up feeding her (bf) more, which could be creating more problems with wind?? And sometimes she will burp or fart, but seems like there's more in there because she still can't stay asleep. Oh, and she's very often sick, at least a bit after every feed, quite often more than a bit, which makes me wonder if she's hungry again straight away because she's sicking up half a feed...

The only thing that is pretty much guaranteed to work is the sling - She quietens down almost immediately when we put her in and would happily sleep for hours there. if we're out in the day we don't hear a peep out of her. but of course we cant sleep with her in the sling, so utterly knackered and really at the end of my rope.

I really don't like the idea of infacol or other medicines, but at this point prepared to try anything. Any advice?

Habbibu Mon 21-Jan-08 10:10:41

I'm sure you've tried this, but mine used to calm down and bring up wind face down over my knees, with me moving my legs a bit and rubbing her back. I think she found it soothing, and the gentle pressure on her tummy helped. I wonder if it is wind, though, if she'll settle in the sling? Not that that helps you. Hope you get some more useful advice.

firststeps Mon 21-Jan-08 16:38:26

asset1, my DS is also very windy. Things that have helped us are:
infacol, before every feed, apparently it makes all the small bubbles of air into one big bubble which is therefore easy to bring up

sitting the baby upright on your knee with his chin resting between your thumb and forefinger for at least 20 minutes after a feed, and ether rub his back clockwise or just sit him still, it looks like you are doing nothing but then a massive burp usually comes from nowhere!! It apparently takes about 20 minutes for the feed to travel through the large intestine into the smaller intestine where it is less likely to come back up.

Spacing feeds out a little to make sure the first feed is digested before feeding again

DS is also seeing a chiropractor, we initally took him for his wind/colic problems, but it turns out he has a jammed neck and compressed jaw from a very quick assisted birth sad, as this has been treated his colic has settled down massively which makes me think most of his crying was to do with this pain, and his colic was a smaller problem than we thought. I'm not suggesting this is the case with your lo, but just in case you had a diffcult birth too smile HTH

pops79 Mon 21-Jan-08 21:43:03

my ds2 also had really bad cramps from wind...I wasn't breast feeding so we swapped to a formula which was specially for babies with cramps. Plus we tried giving him sips of fennel really helped. If you are breastfeeding, you can drink it and the benefits will filter through to your baby.

pulapula Tue 22-Jan-08 08:31:12

Some ideas based on our experiences:

1. Infacol, gripe water or dentinox with every feed

2. Raise the mattress slightly as this seemed to make him more comfortable

3. Circle legs to encourage trumps, pressure on left side of back when on shoulder to force out burps.

If she sleeps in a sling ie upright, and is sick a lot, i've read this could be reflux. If so, you need to keep her upright after feeds.

chilledmama Tue 22-Jan-08 12:29:36

A big shout out for Infacol!!!

Does she enjoy sucking your finger when you're not BFing??
My DS was really collicky for first 5 months and we really struggled until I was oaned a LaLeche league BFing book called 'the womanly art of BFing'...crap name I know but brill book...bizarrely it recommended trying a dummy...I was at my wits end so tried it and he loved gave him so much comfort and helped calm the wind problems. He ditched the dummy himself in favour of his thumb at about 5 1/2 months. Its got to be worth a try!

Good luck, thinking of youwink

asset1 Wed 23-Jan-08 12:00:28

Thanks all! I've been offline for a few days but now noting down all your suggestions. Bought some infacol - not sure of any major difference yet but will keep trying for a week. The last couple of nights I've got a bit more sleep by either having her sleep on me in a sling - and i doze on a beanbag, I know... desperate times, desperate measures --or in the bed, feeding on and off all the time.
So yes she's fine in the sling, do you thinnk it could be reflux then..? I'm beginning to wonder if it's actually as much that she wants to be held all the time as the wind only seems to be a real problem when she's put down on her back.
She doesn't seem to be interested in my finger, but might try a dummy anyway.
And she didn't have a particularly difficult birth, but if this goes on we'll definitely try the cranial osteopathy/chiropractor approach.

jellybelly25 Wed 23-Jan-08 14:35:10

We had exactly this, I figured I would try to make the moses basket more like our bed so I softened it by putting blankets in it (probably some awful safety faux pas but I did tuck them all in around the sides), and putting a wedge of something under the mattress to raise it, plus an item of my smelly clothing! You could also put her on her side if she seems very windy while asleep. Also try burping a good few times during a feed, and definitely I agree to keep her upright for a good while afterwards...

Infacol didn't do anything for us but I've heard a few people speak highly of it.

What is your suupply like? For us I think the wind was due to a bit of an overactive letdown and her coughing and spluttering during the feed...

Scaredmum1 Sun 14-Jun-15 13:08:07

Very windy three week c section baby... Help! !! Oh here goes.. After reading these blogs for last 3 weeks I'm desperate for some advice. My LO is suffering from wind really badly. First we were on TT bottles with aptimal and infacol and she guzzled them down and then spent over an hour struggling to get wind up. We have since switched to Dr Brown's bottles and whilst she seemed more content at first she now thrashes in pain as she trumps.. although does brings wind up when burping. If you lay her down she thrashes around. As a last ditch attempt we're now trying cow and gate first. Only had one feed on this and she screamed through most of it. She also is feeding less with Dr Brown's anyone make any suggestions? As a c sect mummy I'm still in agony and everything is so overwhelming I feel I'm not bonding with my baby sad

crazytyke Sun 14-Jun-15 13:14:34

colief drops have changed my life over last few weeks

expensive, but can be got on prescription from GP if effective

honestly, give it a go

Sgtmajormummy Sun 14-Jun-15 13:39:31

Try lying her face down over your forearms with her head in the crook of your elbow and your hand massaging her tummy. We used to call it "the panther on the tree" hold. It should help to expel the air.
Old wives recommended fennel herbal tea for me to drink which would pass into my milk supply. I had so much of it I used to sweat fennel! Not sure if it worked...
Your new baby's digestive system is getting used to food so it's quite normal to have wind. Try not to let the crying bother you, it's discomfort but not misery! And at 12 weeks it should be a distant memory...brew

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