6 month old will not sleep at night - help!!

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Snail9 Sun 15-Aug-21 20:47:43

My dd has never been a good sleeper (has always preferred co sleeping than in crib), however for the last month she wakes every hour regardless of being in our bed or cot. We have tried everything - feeding, rocking, pick up put down, using a mobile,

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Pissinthepottyplease Sun 15-Aug-21 20:48:58

I would try treating for teething pain (nurofen and anbesol liquid) in the hope it’s just that but it sounds like the 6 months sleep regression.

Miracle29 Sun 15-Aug-21 21:19:56

Does your dd know how to self soothe and when you put her to bed does she go straight asleep without you or do you have to stay with her? It could be shes forgotten how to self soothe or as pp said it could also be teething and 6 month regression which always takes then a few steps back. Just as I thought I cracked the sleeping her teeth would start again or another regression and we were back to square one. I used anbesol for teething it was brilliant stuff.

FATEdestiny Sun 15-Aug-21 22:32:11

The first thing to discount is hunger.

Offer her a milk feed at every wake up and see if she sleeps better. If she does, then you need to significantly increase daytime calories.

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