Is this the 4mth sleep regression?

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Uhhuhuh Sun 15-Aug-21 17:32:54

17 weeks old, will be officially 4 months next week. She's currently protesting against every nap in the day and only manages 30-45min at a time. Used to be able to sleep for 1.5/2/2.5 hrs in the the day before.

However, she sleeps well at night, down around 8pm, wakes for one feed roughly 5.5hrs later then up on average around 6.

She will only sleep on me after a bounce on the birthing ball and a dummy which is we've only really used for about 3/4 weeks? Bit she now just wants to to chew the dummy around her mouth and not suck it!

According to the wonder weeks app it's a developmental leap so it could just be this rather than the infamous 4 month sleep regression? Which may be around the corner?

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Uhhuhuh Sun 15-Aug-21 17:35:05

She is always bounced and shushed to sleep, on me in the day and in the cot at night. Don't ask me why she can't be put down in the day. I honestly reckon she associates the places with day and night!

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FATEdestiny Sun 15-Aug-21 22:35:03

The 4 month sleep regression (it's actually a progression) is caused by a developmental leap. They are one and the same thing.

Uhhuhuh Mon 16-Aug-21 10:03:57

@FATEdestiny thank you. So I could just be lucky then that it's only affecting her daytime naps?

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lucymagoo Mon 16-Aug-21 18:22:27

Chewing the dummy could be a sign of teething, that may be what's bothering her in the day also

Uhhuhuh Mon 16-Aug-21 20:43:25

@lucymagoo. Thanks Yeah I was wondering about teething but I can't feel anything in her mouth. She drools soooo much, get through 3-4 soaked bibs a day. A lot of her playtime now she's just happy cuddling on my shoulder, hand in her hand mouth, yabbering and squealing away whisker soaking my t-shirt if her bibs out of place! Also happy on the playmat holding her dummy or other chew toy in her mouth whilst it does the rounds around her gums!

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Uhhuhuh Mon 16-Aug-21 20:44:34

Whisker = whilst hmm

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