Another 4 month sleep regression

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LoveYouHoneybear Sun 15-Aug-21 08:06:11

Just need a place to unload, I don't think there are any answers... I spent time teaching my baby to self settle with a dummy and patting and it was going so well- she would only wake for one feed and off she went back to sleep! This lasted weeks. Then THE ACTUAL NIGHT that she turned 4 months old, everything went to pot. Now she wakes every 2 hours and will only be settled with a breastfeed! She won't even take a dummy in the night, will just spit it out and start whining until I pick her up for a feed. She will then fall asleep and I'll pop her back in the Snuzpod, only for the exact same thing to happen in 2 hours. I find it so hard to fall asleep knowing I'll be up again- I have a clock ticking down the minutes in my mind! We are always up for the day by 6am too, so it's not like I get any sort of lie-in. I just feel like all the effort I put in teaching her to fall asleep without a BF has been for nothing! Good thing she's cute, because this is soooo hard.

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FATEdestiny Sun 15-Aug-21 10:12:55

Feed more - more frequently - in the daytime.

Calorific need jumps quite suddenly at this age by 25% - so baby needs a quarter more milk in 24h than they were having before. If you don't make up those calories in the daytime, you have a very hungry baby at night.

LoveYouHoneybear Sun 15-Aug-21 11:10:15

@FATEdestiny I didn't know this! Will up the daytime feeding and see if that makes a difference. Thank you so much, great advice as usual x

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