My baby is a good sleeper

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Floopyandtired Sat 14-Aug-21 22:22:30

Please forgive the title. Please also forgive how this is going to come across but I’m a fairly anxious control freak type character and weirdly my baby’s good sleep is giving me anxiety (?). Background: DS1 (3.9) was/is an awful sleeper. Up hourly until he was 1. Still doesn’t sleep now etc. We decided to just go with it and never tried sleep training or anything. DS2 is 10 weeks old and has slept really well at night since birth. He contact naps in the day which is fine but has just started “sleeping through” (10pm -6am) at night. He also self settles by rubbing his face until he drifts off. Call me mad but I’d braced myself for another awful sleeper. Now that DS2 is here and appears to be a much better sleeper than his older brother, I’m worried about how long it’ll last and whether I’m getting lulled into a false sense of security. I guess I’m asking for experiences of when people have had similar babies and how their sleep has evolved; has it all gone to pot or have your good sleepers stayed that way. I should add, both are/were fully BF and we’ve done nothing different with either!

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CourtneyCox2021 Sun 15-Aug-21 07:26:12

I'm no expert but I'm guessing it depends how your child is as they get older 🤷🏼‍♀️ and how sleep regression hits? You may just be lucky 🍀 enjoy it! whilst I mutter under my breath as taken me 4 and half months to get a good sleep thing going on with my LO 😂 and never self settled until recently.....

Sunshinedaisymeadowsxx Sun 15-Aug-21 07:31:22

I think you get one good sleeper and one bad sleeper with kids.. . My first, DS slept through the night, 8pm-6am at 6 weeks….. he kept it up till about 9 months, bit of regresssion.. then the usual toddler wakings as he was older.
My 2nd DD has slept through once, and she is nearly 2 🙈🙈🙈🤣

Deffo one good and one bad sleeper.. .. a lot of my friends are similar

Apeirogon Sun 15-Aug-21 07:33:01

My first was a poor sleeper. My second was amazing! She was sleeping 7-7 by 12 weeks. So I went on to have DC3 who was a terrible sleeper!

RedMarauder Sun 15-Aug-21 07:34:37

It's natures way to lull you into having another

MaidenoftheSpear Sun 15-Aug-21 07:36:58

My first was rubbish at sleeping but the second has been much better from the start. He doesn't sleep through yet at 4months but I was so prepared for him to be constantly awake like DD that I'll take it. He slept almost constantly for the first month and I did wonder if something was 'wrong', but I think they're just very different. I'm braced for the 4month sleep regression though. Enjoy your peaceful baby while it lasts!

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