Do you allow 5.5month old to catch up on sleep in day if they have had a early wake up?

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CourtneyCox2021 Sat 14-Aug-21 09:11:59

Morning, my LO keeps waking at 4am - it's over tiredness I know it is as we had a couple long days out and naps kind of went out the window 🤦🏼‍♀️ she's always struggled to sleep out and about she's too Nosey like her mum 😂

So we're now back to proper naps but she's sleeping a lot more in the day - do I go with it for a few days to allow her to catch up?

I'm not advocating waking her up but just wonder if she sleeps too much will 4am be her new wake up time 😴

One sleep deprived mummy

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WetWeekends Sat 14-Aug-21 09:14:13

Yes at that age I definitely would. Just treat 4am as a night waking would be my advice.

Dollywilde Sat 14-Aug-21 09:14:30

I’d probably give her a couple of days of catch up long naps and then once you know she’s not sleep deprived then look at cutting the naps shorter.

I think the conventional advice is to keep naps the same and put them to bed earlier but I was never brave enough to do that as I worried that would lead to even earlier mornings! I know people that have sworn by it though.

KatherineOfGaunt Sat 14-Aug-21 09:18:07

Definitely at her age. I let my DS dictate his own sleep schedule until he moved into his own room. She's so small, I wouldn't worry at the moment, personally.

CourtneyCox2021 Sat 14-Aug-21 10:59:44

Yep I treated as night time wakeup call. She was hungry. Went back off about 5.15am.... Slept till 6ish and we got up about 615am. She always loved a bit of me time before getting up.

Yeah... Im definitely not brave enough as surely that would still end up in more overtiredness? And grumpy grumpy baby.

Great thanks i just go with flow for few days and let her alter as needed xx

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CourtneyCox2021 Sat 14-Aug-21 11:45:26

I mean she wasn't hungry at 4am 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

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TheYearOfSmallThings Sat 14-Aug-21 11:48:45

At that age I pretty much rolled with his schedule. I couldn't have stopped him napping if he felt like it, tbh.


FATEdestiny Sat 14-Aug-21 16:59:02

Do you allow 5.5month old to catch up on sleep in day if they have had a early wake up?


I would allow for daytime catch up sleep for as long as baby is having daytime naps.

CourtneyCox2021 Sat 14-Aug-21 18:02:23

Thanks 😁

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CourtneyCox2021 Sat 14-Aug-21 18:07:41

Sadly my LO needs encouragement to go sleep. White noise. Dummy etc and some holding on chest she doesn't just drop off like I have seen some babies do 😂

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mutin0816 Tue 17-Aug-21 19:33:22

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