Night terrors

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roo8 Thu 12-Aug-21 22:04:11

My 3 year old has just woke up crying, I took him to the toilet and then took him to bed, but then he started having a tantrum and telling me to go away, I tried to calm him but he got worse I left the room as he had asked but then he followed me screaming, in the end I just left him to calm down, and when he did he shouted me let me give him a cuddle and he was back asleep in no time, is this a night terror or is he just frustrated that his sleep was disturbed through needing the toilet? I can't decide but he has never been like this before 😢

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marplemead Thu 12-Aug-21 22:08:40

My 4yo has had a few night terrors over the last few months. She wasn't fully awake, wasn't really aware that we were there and didn't remember anything the next day. I found it quite distressing to watch, but she was absolutely fine once it passed. This NHS page is useful if it happens again:

roo8 Thu 12-Aug-21 22:16:33

Thank you I will have a look at the information, he was aware that we were there as my partner came up aswell to see what was wrong, but was telling us to go away and not look at him, so I'm not sure whether it's a night terror.

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OrmondM Wed 25-Aug-21 23:22:11

I think night terrors can present differently, so it may well have been. My son was very similar in that he would tell me to go away if I sat on his bed with him, but also be SCREAMING "mummy where are you" for hours. He would ask for a drink but be too confused to take the cup, kicking and slapping if I got too close, throwing himself down on the floor or backwards onto the wall. Then after a couple of hours just going completely quiet and back into a deep sleep, not remembering anything the next day.
We haven't had one in a while (touch wood) but they were definitely worse & lasted longer if he was poorly/after calpol. They started again when he transitioned to an extra day at childcare so I could work more.
They're extremely distressing to witness!

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