Sick baby - taking late naps - what to do about bedtime?

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PocketRocket12 Thu 12-Aug-21 16:05:07

Hey all! HELP QUICK!

I have a 1 year old whose on one 2.5 hour nap and night sleep is improving (1 - 2 wakes max).

He’s sick with a virus so taking shorter naps and he’s still asleep now at 4pm. Usually he needs 5 hours between nap ending and bed but I don’t like the idea of waking a sleeping baby…

What should I do? For now and for future reference? Not sure a 9pm bedtime is good for him, especially when sick.

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CourtneyCox2021 Thu 12-Aug-21 16:13:01

If he sick maybe LO will be OK with usual bedtime? As tired as unwell... But then I expect their sleep at night might be interrupted if they sick 🤔🤔

PocketRocket12 Thu 12-Aug-21 16:46:39

Thanks @CourtneyCox2021- you’re probably right that he will be extra tired. In the end I woke him at 4.30pm and will put him back down around 8.30ish if he’s tired enough.

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CourtneyCox2021 Thu 12-Aug-21 16:55:58

See how it goes 🤷🏼‍♀️ I find kids usually sleep more even if it's disturbed when sick....

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