Is the Huckleberry app worth it?

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ProjectBaby87 Thu 12-Aug-21 09:08:09

I'm considering paying for the Huckleberry app. After weeks of my baby waking up every 45 mins at night time and barely getting enough naps in the day I'm looking for anything to help.

Has anyone used it successfully? Or any other recommendations? sad

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lavenderandwisteria Thu 12-Aug-21 09:09:20

How old? smile

My friend swore by it and it gets recommended on here loads. I’m not sure to be honest - I think it just goes by their wake window.

allofthecheese Thu 12-Aug-21 09:19:45

I use it frequently still for my DS but only so all his caregivers (us the parents & nanny) can all track when he was last fed/slept etc. So for us it's great as a log. I did pay for the 'sweet spot' feature which tells you when it's ideal time to nap but tbh I don't think it was worth it and didn't renew. You input yourself how many naps they have, what time they sleep/wake and it automates ideal nap time. You can figure this out yourself by going with awake windows.

lavenderandwisteria Thu 12-Aug-21 09:20:52

Yes, it’s that sweet spot which is when to get them to sleep, except that if they are anything like ds was until he was about five months you could put him down for a nap all you wanted but it wasn’t happening!

ProjectBaby87 Thu 12-Aug-21 09:27:00

Same here Lavender. I do use awake windows now. I suppose it's more the night time sleep that's the issue. She's 5 months.

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GrumpySausage Thu 12-Aug-21 09:27:12

I used it with my daughter when she was about 3 months to get into a routine. (Toddler ds made sure that wasn't going to happen) and then again when she went though a bad sleep patch when she was about 18 months. I really recommend it. It really helped me figure out when she was tired, especially when I was busy with DS, its prompt me that she would be entering into a fussy period and I could act sooner rather than it descending into chaos.

I only ever used the free app, never paid paid the extras as I didn't need them so not sure what they offer.

ProjectBaby87 Thu 12-Aug-21 09:28:15

Grumpy sausage, I thought you had to pay for that feature?

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mutedrainbows Thu 12-Aug-21 09:39:03

The sweet spot used to be free until a few months ago. I used it religiously with my baby...although I don't know if I would have paid for it if it wasn't already free.

If she's 5 months and sleep has gone to pot, that's more likely a delayed 4 month sleep regression (we hit it at 10 weeks 😆) and the sweet spots probably won't help much, it'll just be a case of riding through it unfortunately.

Isbobmyuncle Thu 12-Aug-21 09:46:43

I used Huckleberry for tracking but didn’t find it very helpful for getting into a routine. I bought the Little Ones programme and it was genuinely life saving. Don’t get me wrong, we had a couple of stressful weeks but my baby ended up sleeping amazingly well (and predictably). Whether or not it would have happened without the app, who knows! But I definitely feel that it helped us.

Good luck OP

lavenderandwisteria Thu 12-Aug-21 09:52:16

It’s horrific.I had a phase of this with ds. Are you able to get her down easily but then she keeps waking?

MarshmallowsOnToast Thu 12-Aug-21 09:58:45

We have used it since DS was 3 or 4 months old & he's now coming up for 15months.

Couldn't be without it, just takes all the guess work out. It isn't always bang on but 9 times out of 10 DS is ready for a nap when it suggests.

I wasn't going to pay for the sweet spot features (used to be free but started charging a few months back) but after a few days without it, I caved & haven't regretted it at all.

ProjectBaby87 Thu 12-Aug-21 10:00:57

Mmmm quite mixed responses. She used to go down ok for naps but now has to nap on me otherwise yup she's awake within 5 mins of being put down 🙈

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ProjectBaby87 Thu 12-Aug-21 10:01:57

I feel like we've been going through the sleep regression since she was born! What's the overall premise of the little ones programme?

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mutedrainbows Thu 12-Aug-21 14:24:27

Tbh I contact napped for ages which in turn helped her overnight sleep - it was worth it for me (since I wasn't sleep training). Then she eventually was happy to nap on her own again. It's a fine balance!

3cats4poniesandababy Thu 12-Aug-21 14:30:10

I loved huckleberry but I agree with others sounds like 4 month sleep regression. Have you had a look online about 4 month sleep regression? Might give you some ideas and support

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