30 minute naps in moses basket

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Nix99 Wed 11-Aug-21 20:17:48

Dd is nearly 3 months old and will nap quite happily on me for up to 2 hours. We have struggled previously to get her to nap anywhere but on me but can now get her down in her basket, rocker etc but the problem is she will only sleep for about half an hour in these before waking again and seeming as if she hasn't had enough sleep but it is a massive struggle to get her back to sleep. We usually cant which then means shes in a bad mood and means her wake windows go out the window. When she is napping on me she is sleeping for longer periods and is a happy contented little girl when she is awake. Any advice on how to get her to sleep longer not being on me or is this something that will just happen with time and as she gets older?

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Nix99 Wed 11-Aug-21 20:30:49

Also she sleeps ok at night in her crib

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Fupoffyagrasshole Wed 11-Aug-21 20:32:34

Not helpful unfortunately - but I’ve a 5 month old and annoyingly she only ever sleeps on me or out in the Pram while I walk and walk 😂 she will sleep 2 hours if we go walking!

If I put her in the cot - she just wakes after half an hour like your little one!

So watching with interest !

RebeccasTooth Wed 11-Aug-21 20:39:18

At that age they have a shorter sleep cycle of I think 20-45 minutes and at the end of the sleep cycle they come into a lighter sleep. If they are being held / cuddled / rocked, they can often go through to the next sleep cycle without waking fully. If they are in a basket or whatever they may wake as little babies often can’t self soothe and need help (cuddle / milk / rocking etc) . I was advised to start gently patting / shushing at the transition period to encourage them onto the next sleep cycle. I had some success with it but hard to tell if they just grew out of it naturally as length of sleep cycle lengthened 🤷🏼‍♀️

With more than one child it is quite hard to do! By the time #4 came along he was strapped to me all the time 🙄

RebeccasTooth Wed 11-Aug-21 20:39:48

PS amazing that she sleeps well at night at that age!

RaginaPhalange Thu 12-Aug-21 23:46:12

My 6 month ds still sleeps on me during the day so no advice really, I've tried so many times to get him to sleep elsewhere but he just won't so I've given up for now.

MumOfBoys16 Fri 13-Aug-21 07:24:59

Could you lie together on the bed and see if bring next to him or having a hand on him is enough.

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