4 month sleep regression

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Eggy234 Wed 11-Aug-21 16:22:48

Please can you tell me your experiences with sleep regression?! Does it go back to normal!
My son was sleeping 8 till 6 from about 9 weeks old. He even slept 7 till 7 a few times and then since he’s been 4 months old, he goes to sleep, wakes up at mid night for a feed and then always at 3.
Will he go back to his old sleeping pattern?! He only falls asleep on the boob so I’m worried his body is getting used to the extra feeds at night.

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CharleyC0956 Thu 12-Aug-21 09:09:00

Watching with interested as I think we have just started with this regression. DD is 15 weeks old, usually sleeps 7-7 (on average… does differ everyday depending what we’re doing) with 1 or 2 wake ups for feeding.

The last 2 night she is waking every 1 or 2 hours and the only thing that will get her back to sleep is the boob! I’m also scared that she will learn that only the boob will settle her.

I don’t want to sleep train. Think she is far too young. But I also don’t want the 1-2 hourly wakings to become the norm confused.

Muriel84 Thu 12-Aug-21 16:04:02

I have a five and a half month old and I feel we’re just riding out one phase after another! He hit what I guess may have been the four month regression around that time for a few weeks then things got a bit better for a couple of weeks then bam the 1-2 hourly wake-ups hit. It’s really hard with a breast fed baby feeding on demand. At times he’s been so distracted during the day he can only feed at night. Right now he seems to want to feed right round the clock! He’ll give me a couple of nights of 3-4 hourly wake ups now and again just to give me hope things might improve🙈 I’m just grateful he goes straight back to sleep with either dummy or boob cos so many babies don’t! I’m surviving by co-sleeping part the night, co-sleeping naps in the afternoon, stuffing my face, trying to enjoy the cuddles, knowing I’m not alone and knowing it will hopefully end at some point and I’ll sleep more than 3 hours consecutively for the first time in half a year 😬 x x x

Eggy234 Tue 17-Aug-21 14:16:31

Just an update. He’s been sleeping through again and has done for the last 4 nights! We had a late night and since then he’s been going to bed a bit later compared to usual.(Even though most the advice on the internet says to put the baby to bed earlier to get them to sleep longer)

I tried a dream feed after the first night he slept through, worst mistake ever as he wouldn’t go back to sleep hmm but since then he is sleeping through!

Things seem too good to be true so I’m just taking it day by day.

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LoveYouHoneybear Tue 17-Aug-21 16:09:35

@Eggy234 Happy for you! Currently in the 4 month regression myself and it is so hard. How long did yours last?

Eggy234 Tue 17-Aug-21 16:38:34

About 3 weeks! However I’m still waking up because I think he’s awake hmm

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CharleyC0956 Tue 17-Aug-21 20:43:48

Yay! I’m glad things are starting to get back to your current normal.

We’re still in the thick of whatever is happening. Fighting naps, not napping as long, night time is different from one day to the next. It feels like 70% of the day she is crying and will only stop if she’s being carried around by me. Isn’t interested in playing with her toys anymore. Trying not to stress as I know this time will pass and one day it’ll be me being the clingy one wanting cuddles.

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