15 week old naps

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DaphneeBridgerton Tue 10-Aug-21 11:11:00

15 week old ebf baby

Current pattern/routine:
730am wake
830am nap
Then putting down for naps following the nap length x2 +/- 15 mins guide
Repeat until her last waking falls between 6 and 8pm which is treated as bedtime (bath, sleepsuit etc and either put into next 2 me and I stay in bedroom with her, or she sleeps on sofa downstairs - supervised and no cushions around her)

Issues I want to work on:
- Short naps of 45mins average - I have read all the advice about movement being key to linking sleep cycles but she's in the habit of napping on the sofa and will put herself to sleep easily once given bunny and dummy - I thought I'd done well here but now I'm not sure if it's the best way for teaching her to link sleep cycles)

-Her first stretch is always a maximum of 4 hours on a very good day, usually 2-3 hours and then she wakes 4/5 more times throughout the night and the only way to settle her is to bf. I'm not sure she's actually drinking milk, possibly just suckling for comfort. She starts the night in her next 2 me crib and then I co-sleep from there as I was struggling so much with the multiple night wakings.

She was on 3hourly feeds but yesterday I upped it to every single time she woke from a nap and she slept 9-1am and then didn't wake until 6am! I am hoping this isn't a fluke and that she needs more calories during the day. I also can't get her to take a bottle of ebm or formula - I've been trying since 12 weeks, she took the first bottle no problem but has refused every single once since.

Any advice on what I can do about her short day naps? And whether I'm doing the right thing bringing her in to co-sleep. She's perfectly happy doing the first part of the night alone and goes to sleep independently once given bunny and dummy


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FATEdestiny Tue 10-Aug-21 15:28:38

Instead of movement to extend the nap, you could try patting her through from one sleep cycle to the next. The instant she stirs, dummy reinsert and try to pat her rhythmically so she doesn't fully wake up.

DaphneeBridgerton Tue 10-Aug-21 16:17:43

Oh hi @FATEdestiny - as you can probably tell I have been following your advice with naps etc. Thank you for responding to me! And thank you for all your contributions to threads, your advice makes alot of sense and has helped me to have much more realistic expectations about baby sleep. Do you believe that at some stage all naps should be at home in a crib or that buggy/car naps are okay if you're out and about alot with your little one?

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FATEdestiny Sat 14-Aug-21 14:42:48

Hiya! I had noticed it was mostly my advice on your thread. That's great though, glad to help.

At this age/stage, naps in the buggy and out and about are absolutely fine. Make the most of being able to get out, because once naps lengthen you start to be tied to the house much more to enable cot naps.

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