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Santatizer Tue 10-Aug-21 09:02:45

We have a Snoozeshade for our pram which has been fantastic for taking our DD out in the sunny weather, with the added bonus that she almost always drops off, as well as being protected from the sun. DD is 12 weeks old but was born at 35 weeks, so is 7 weeks adjusted age, so she still sleeps in her Snuzpod in our room. Once she moves into her cot and her own room, we will get blackout blinds but are reluctant to install them in our room for a few months only. I've seen that you can get temporary velcro ones but don't think DH is going to go for attaching velcro pads all round the window frames or for anything that looks messy / not fitting right. My question is: does anyone know of a product similar to the Snoozeshade which is designed to safely cover a crib such as the Snuzpod? I can find plenty of travel cot blackout covers but nothing for use on a smaller crib. Surely this can't be an uncommon problem? DD often doesn't sleep very long for her daytime naps (unless on one of us!) & there isn't much consistency in terms of when she has them. I feel like blackout would enable us to do this by having a clear signal that it's time to sleep & also hopefully encouraging DD to nap for a bit longer. Does anyone know of anything? Thanks!

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Santatizer Tue 10-Aug-21 23:38:43


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Figmentofimagination Tue 10-Aug-21 23:45:18

I don't know about ones to cover a snuzpod, but have you looked at a gro company blackout blind to suction to your windows?
We have one that we bought as a temporary measure is DS's room until we could get blackout blinds, and now we use it in our room for summer months when the sunrise shines in our room (north facing bay window). It's really handy as you can easily take it down/stick it up and you can also take it away with you on holidays. It has Velcro sections to make it smaller as well.
If your bedroom window is big you may need 2 (it only covers 2/3 of our bay window) but we've found it really handy.

JW13 Tue 10-Aug-21 23:50:46

I'm not sure about a cover for a snuzpod, but we've used the tomee tippee travel blackout blinds and they work quite well. They aren't velcroed to the window frame, they have suction pads to attach to the windows and then they Velcro in folds to themselves to make it smaller fo fit the window. So no permanent marks anywhere. They're a bit of a faff to keep putting up and taking down so we left ours up most of the time. Good for short term though.

CourtneyCox2021 Wed 11-Aug-21 16:44:24

I use tommie tippee ones. Shut all doors upstairs - use blankets on the windows that won't fit tommie tippee one. I don't use suction caps. I went for white velcro on window pane - which after sticking I know will come off eventually and won't leave a mark. I stuck vecro to blind too - glue and sowing machine 🤷🏼‍♀️ it's not perfect but perfectly dark! But by time I done all velcro probably be cheaper to buy the blinds 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

Santatizer Sun 15-Aug-21 19:02:49

Thanks all

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