Baby sleeps no longer than 45min during the day

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Emma5557 Tue 03-Aug-21 16:13:29

Hello, any idea of how to help the baby to link sleep cycles? Mine is 6month old and cannot sleep longer than 45min during the day. During the night he wakes up few times, but he definitely sleeps longer than 45min. Thanks

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IonaLeg Tue 03-Aug-21 16:19:37

45 minute naps are quite normal at that age. My baby is now 8 months old and has started to link naps cycles for longer sleeps, but he couldn’t do it before.

What sometimes worked for me was hovering nearby at the end of a nap cycle and resettling him before he had had the chance to wake fully. I could sometimes get him to go down for another 45 minutes that way.

If that doesn’t work, try not to fret. Short, frequent naps are developmentally normal, he will learn to stretch them out eventually.

movingadviceneeded Tue 03-Aug-21 16:39:43

Mine went to 2 x 30 min naps at about 6 months; now he's 2.5 and sleeps for around an hour at lunchtime, but sleeps 11-12 hours overnight. I prefer the full night sleep!

Seekingadviceplz Wed 04-Aug-21 16:04:43

Its normal, mine was the same and almost everyone I know. i used to sneak in when i knew mine was going to wake up and then rock him back to sleep and he would sleep longer on me. Meant i didnt spend the whole day trying to get him to sleep for tons of short naps.

Timeturnerplease Sat 14-Aug-21 08:02:26

Some just don’t feel the need for much daytime sleep. By 6mo DD1 was on 2 x 30 mins (reluctant) naps a day, then 1 x 30 mins by 12mo and no naps at all by 20mo.

She’s always had an early bedtime and gone down without a fuss. I used to be envious of my friends and their two hours of freedom every afternoon, but actually life for me was infinitely easier in terms of days out etc, as I didn’t have to factor in a lunchtime cot nap.

DD2 is only a week old, and I’m kind of hoping she doesn’t nap too much either so we can enjoy the same freedom.

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