Sudden 2 year old wakings

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Mummysarah12 Tue 15-Jun-21 05:36:24

My 2.2 year old has been a brilliant sleeper, sleeping 12 hours straight every night.
However over the week, she has been waking at random times throughout the night & then refusing to go back to sleep in her cot. She will only go back to sleep once my partner takes her to the spare bedroom & sleeps with her on the bed. If he moves her once asleep, she wakes again. We have a 3 month old baby & this absolutely exhausting. We also can’t leave her crying too long when she wakes in the night as she disturbs the baby - our upstairs is not very big.
Anyone else been through this? Any tips on what we can do? TIA

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FATEdestiny Wed 16-Jun-21 00:58:15

Given it is a sudden change, I'd suggest pain or illness rather than behavioural issues.

I think big molars cut through at around 2yo. Could it be that?

Mummysarah12 Wed 16-Jun-21 07:56:01

I’m not sure - she doesn’t have other symptoms that I can tell.

I took her last night instead of my partner & again she would not settle in the cot so I ended up sleeping with her in the spare room. I am wondering if I should get a single bed? What age did others move to a single bed?

This is all so frustrating as she had been sleeping so well...

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shouldistop Wed 16-Jun-21 23:27:47

It's probably a reaction to the baby. Even my 4yo started getting up at night after ds2 was born. She's feeling insecure, just give her lots of love and cuddles. It will sort itself out.

PippinStar Wed 16-Jun-21 23:31:52

My DS started this when new baby was about 3 months old (he was 22 months at the time). I think at that point he realised she was here to stay. We just went with it - slept in his bed with him any time he woke. He stopped randomly waking after a few weeks.

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