9 Month Old Won't Sleep

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SereWontSleep Tue 15-Jun-21 05:31:02

9 month DD won't sleep. That is the basics of it.

Details so that I don't seem to drip feed

I am in located in the middle of the United States. So right now it is almost midnight.

At 7:30 pm we (DH and I) started DD bed time routine. Supper, play time for a bit, bath, pajamas, storybook, cuddle/bottle. At this point she fell asleep in my lap after her bottle. This is normal. Put her into bed right after she fell asleep. Around 8:30. I went to take a shower and DH comes to tell me at 9 that she has woken up and he has just put her back to bed.

I get out into the living room around 9:15 (this is usually the time DH and I have some time together). DD starts screaming from her room. DH goes and gets her. She immediately falls asleep in his arms so he takes her back to bed.

By 10 pm she has done this a few times and has decided that she is not going to sleep. When she woke up at 10 I told DH to just give her some time and we let her cry and fuss for about 15 minutes. She did not go to sleep.

She is now sitting on the floor in the dark sitting room playing with the few toys that are out. It is 11:30 pm. She doesn't want to go to sleep at all.


DD is a horrible napper. She will not go down for a nap for more than 20 - 30 minutes twice a day.

We have had her to the gp and she doesn't have any infections or any reason they can see that she might not be sleeping.

She does wake for a feeding on normal nights at 2 am.

Any advice to get this little one to sleep would be much appreciated.


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SereWontSleep Tue 15-Jun-21 05:32:09

I should add DD has trouble staying asleep every night. Just tonight she doesn't want to sleep at all.

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FATEdestiny Wed 16-Jun-21 00:56:15

It might be time yo stop feeding her to sleep on your lap and instead teach her to go to sleep in the cot.

miltonj Wed 16-Jun-21 01:18:27

Maybe try moving bed time routine earlier?

My sympathies though, it's so frustrating

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