4 week old sucking boob continuously at night

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Nix99 Mon 14-Jun-21 22:30:52

My 4 week old has been sleeping well up until the last couple of nights when she continuously roots for the breast very energetically. If I then put her on she just sucks and doesnt feed before falling asleep still attached. If I take her off the whole thing starts again with her rooting for the boob. I cannot put her down to sleep because she just starts crying. She feeds fine the rest of the time and is putting on weight with lots of wet and dirty nappies. It took me until 3am last night to get her down. Is there anything I can do to stop her just using my boob as a comforter before bed?

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Lazypuppy Mon 14-Jun-21 22:34:15

Use a dummy, if she's not feeding she doesn't need to suck on you

Garman Mon 14-Jun-21 22:35:11

Is it very warm where you are? She might be feeding more/staying on longer to stay hydrated?

mayblossominapril Mon 14-Jun-21 22:37:48

I would use a dummy I did with my first but didn’t with my second and I should have done.

campion Mon 14-Jun-21 22:37:52

Give her a dummy. They're not called comforters for nothing.

Nix99 Mon 14-Jun-21 22:39:32

I was advised by HV to not use a dummy until 6 weeks when breast feeding has been established; is this OK to do at 4 weeks i.e. it's not going to interfere with breast feeding? (sorry 1st time mum here?

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Hyacinth88 Mon 14-Jun-21 22:41:21

Yes I used one from day 1 with my third. She fed great no problems.


frogswimming Mon 14-Jun-21 22:42:15

Can you lie down and feed while co sleeping? Someone will come along with links for how to co sleep safely.

mayblossominapril Mon 14-Jun-21 22:48:04

I’d be very surprised if it affected bf. Both mine had formula top ups due to significant weight loss and eldest had a dummy from 10 days both preferred the breast.

Quitelikeacatslife Mon 14-Jun-21 22:58:01

I think dummy works great as they feed better when they are ready instead of constant topping up.

Lazypuppy Tue 15-Jun-21 19:02:09

Do it sooner rather than later or baby may refuse a dummy. Breastfeeding was established for me by 2 weeks so we introduced a dummy

User52739 Tue 15-Jun-21 19:06:49

If she is well established on the feeding I don’t think a dummy will interfere now.

Nix99 Tue 15-Jun-21 23:31:16

Thanks everyone. Looks like a dummy is the way forward smile This might be a really stupid question too but how do I know if she needs a feed in the night if she has a dummy? Will she cry for one and show the usual signs?

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shouldistop Wed 16-Jun-21 23:31:18

If she's hungry she'll cry for a feed. Assuming healthy, full term baby with good weight gain?

Elverybaby Wed 16-Jun-21 23:35:21

Could be a growth spurt and it will stop soon!

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