9 months old frequent wake ups due to rolling over on belly

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Ani1984 Mon 14-Jun-21 13:36:39

9 months old frequent wake ups due to rolling over on belly

Has anyone else experienced the above? For the past few weeks my little one has started to turn on his side to sleep. There seemed to be no problem with that until recently. He now started to roll around on his belly, waking himself and sitting up, upset and dead tired. This happens almost every hour and none of us get a good sleep. I'm also worried in case, he doesn't turn his head or doesn't wake up and can't breathe... He gets equally annoyed when I place my arm over his hips, so he won't roll over all the time... Any tips? How did you deal with that if you experienced it?

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FATEdestiny Mon 14-Jun-21 13:59:47

Can he roll from his tummy to his back unaided?

If not, then you have to keep resettling him on his back until he can roll both ways. He he can, then he could (theoretically) sleep however he wants - only he isn't because as you say he's waking up.

Practice some autonomy of movement. So put him in his cot stood up (if he can stand) or sat up. Tap the mattress and ask him to lie down himself. Encourage him to do this totally unaided.

If he is able to lie down but is refusing, or if he can't do it himself, it's a matter of keep repeatedly lying him back down over and over again until he gets it.

Ani1984 Mon 14-Jun-21 14:23:03

@FATEdestiny thank you for the tip. He can roll from his side to his back, from the belly I'm not sure he's got it yet. If he could he maybe wouldn't sit up. I'll observe and then let's see. Thanks again

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