Why won't she go back to sleep

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Justkeepswimming91 Mon 14-Jun-21 05:06:54

I have a 15 week old baby who wakes up usually between 3 and 5am for a feed. The problem is once she wakes up she will not go back to sleep. She sleeps just fine (touch wood) from around 7pm until her 3am wake up.

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faithfulbird20 Mon 14-Jun-21 05:53:21

Have her sleep less during the day.

user77hjjy Mon 14-Jun-21 06:33:42

Put her to sleep later

linerforlife Mon 14-Jun-21 06:42:21

Because she's a small baby grin You'll get loads of varying advice, but the truth is - it's a phase and she will grow out of it in a few weeks, or even by tomorrow, who can tell. You'll then be wondering how to fix her next "phase".

GAW19 Mon 14-Jun-21 06:44:02

I have never put either of my 2 into a routine, I let them do their thing. With both of them they were sleeping 11pm-8am from a week old.
My 13week old feeds at 9pm, stays awake until 11pm, feeds and then sleeps until whenever her 2 year old sister wakes her up which is normally around 7:30-8:30ish smile
My 2 year old sleeps from 8pm-8am.
Being a few months old is way too young to have a strict routine. It's good to have a bedtime routine, e.g. bath, book, milk, bed etc

Hope you get some sleep soon op!

starst Mon 14-Jun-21 06:45:11

Same issue here with a 23 week baby. Tried going to bed earlier, going to bed later, seems nothing works. I'm just waiting it out like others suggested.

Oly4 Mon 14-Jun-21 07:02:47

Because she’s a baby, that first stint is amazing!

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