Ewan the dream sheep vs myhummy

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alexio Fri 11-Jun-21 21:03:47

We've got 2 ewans in our house for both ds's however ds1 Ewan took a tumble into ds2 bath this evening and now no longer works.
We have the deluxe Ewan's and both boys need them to fall asleep at night and for when they stir.

Do I buy another Ewan to replace the soggy one or go for something different like myhummy. Which is best?

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Babypug Fri 11-Jun-21 21:05:08

My hummy for sure, we had Ewan but you have to turn it on. My hummy kicks in and you can get the mini version and attach it to the cot as it has a velcro wrap / strap

Babypug Fri 11-Jun-21 21:05:24

Sorry kicks in when the baby stirs

Chanel05 Fri 11-Jun-21 21:06:32

I have both. Was gifted a MyHummy and got a Ewan for free on Facebook. I preferred Ewan, personally but they were both way too quiet for my daughter and we just use a free app on a spare iPhone instead. I'd never buy either, particularly the MyHummy new as for the expense, I don't think it's worth it.

Slipperrr Fri 11-Jun-21 21:09:11

I'd cut the electrics out of soggy ewan and use him as a soft toy, and then just some sort of device you already have to make some white noise.

niki26 Fri 11-Jun-21 21:10:50

We have myHummy and have used it since birth....it's on upstairs with my 9 month old now and we think it's brilliant!

alexio Fri 11-Jun-21 21:19:58

@Slipperrr thankfully it's the Ewan who's battery pack can be removed so we can keep him

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Mseddy Fri 11-Jun-21 21:24:28

Could you try and buy a second hand ewan and just put the sound box in DSs ewan?

alexio Fri 11-Jun-21 21:27:28

@Mseddy ooh never thought of that I'll have a look on marketplace. They are all just so £££ to buy new

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Stacii Sat 12-Jun-21 08:20:18

We have both and prefer ewan 100%. I found the hummy is way too quiet. It also doesn't have a 'shhh' sound, which is my LOs preference

whenyouknow1youknow1 Sun 13-Jun-21 20:53:06

We have both and the volume on Ewan swings it for me. I like the Bluetooth on the hummy but it's just too quiet.

alexio Mon 05-Jul-21 11:06:00


I bought a new myhummy on marketplace for a fraction of the website cost but I'm so disappointed in it, the sounds are crap quality and far too quiet but the bear is very cute.
My mum found a Ewan sound box in her house, no idea where that came from but anyway I put Ewan box in the my hummy so best of both worlds!

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