Poor sleeping/better sleeping/bed wetting/nappy/5yo?

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SmednotaSmoo Sun 18-Apr-21 04:51:19

Firstly, this is not really a thread about bed wetting as “normal”. I have an older child not dry at night and am perfectly aware that it’s “normal”.

My just turned 5yo has been dry at night since he was 3 (much to his older sibling’s annoyance). However, he has never slept through. He falls asleep quickly and by himself, but not deep enough to stay asleep, so has woken several times a night. Usually remedied now by someone sleeping near him. We tried, consistently (as in, for a week at least) everything when he was younger. It’s the way he is.

But he has recently started sleeping a bit more deeply, and as a result is wetting the bed once or twice a night. It’s so tempting to put him in nappies again as it would reduce some more of the wakings, but feels like a drastic step back after two years of dry, if wakeful, nights. Any ideas?

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SmednotaSmoo Sun 18-Apr-21 10:29:43

Bouncing in case there’s a morning expert around, and also to dampen my middle of the night defensiveness... what I was trying to say was that I know that sleep training methods take more to an a day or two to work, but seven days with no change was a regular occurrence...

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FATEdestiny Mon 19-Apr-21 19:16:26

While I would normally say just-turned 5yo is fine to still be in bedtime nappies (all mine were), it's a bit different if he has been dry for so long before.

Was he truly dry from 7pm to 7am? Or was he going for a wee in his periods if time awake?

Maybe broach him with the idea of "pyjama pants" - so not nappy or pull ups, but present them as something else. Or use bedpads and no bottoms on at night.

yuanyuan3994 Thu 17-Jun-21 14:03:25

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