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Sweating toddler - should I be concerned?

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sobernow Thu 03-Oct-02 21:19:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fms Thu 03-Oct-02 22:26:14


ds is 4 and has always been very hot at night. Used to be v hot during the day when a baby - never ever wore vests! I have to put his pillow in the airing cupboard each morning to dry out before bedtime, and it gets a wash once a week.

I know someone with another v hot 4 y old, and she's installed a ceiling fan in his room which she says helps.

I've always reckoned that if he's uncomfortable, he'll wake up. I do leave an anyway up cup of water by his bed as well, and he sleeps 11 hrs no problem.
I'd just make sure your dd has enough to drink, and if she's sleeping ok, leave her be...

So... no advice really, but she's not the only hot toddler!

PS Hope you're still enjoying your peace and quiet after FILs departure...

emsiewill Thu 03-Oct-02 22:42:34

No advice really, but just to let you know that I also have a sweaty toddler - I've just been in to check on dd2 (3.3), and she is absolutely soaked. We forgot to take her pj's off before she got into bed. But she doesn't seem to suffer any bad effects because of it - sleeps well (or when she doesn't, it doesn't seem linked), and is very healthy.
I guess some people are born sweaty! What a lovely thought.

SueW Thu 03-Oct-02 23:36:40

Another hot child here. As a baby only slept in a nappy; as a 5yo sleeps in as little as possible.

It was interesting on a recent camping holiday to compare DD with my niece who is only 3 weeks younger. Whilst DD went to bed and kicked off her duvet (temp dropped to around 10C overnight) my niece slept snuggled under a duvet wearing pj's and a jumper. And totes socks! And stayed snuggled up in them all night.

I spent most of the night alternating between hot and cold - and worrying that one or the other of them would also be feeling the extremes. We were all sleeping in the same 'bedroom'.

robinw Fri 04-Oct-02 05:06:27

message withdrawn

SueDonim Fri 04-Oct-02 09:23:14

One of mine was a 'sweaty' child to. He always steamed up the car windows when he was asleep. I don't think it is a problem, maybe for some children just a case of their temperature regulation maturing?

Marina Fri 04-Oct-02 09:35:37

When we went to get ds' duvet for his big bed in John Lewis, an assistant from that wonderful emporium steered us in the direction of a special extra-lightweight duvet that looked to me as though it would be suitable for the tropics only. She told us that until at least 10, most children have limited capacity to regulate their body heat. Hence the light TOG duvet. Even with this apology for a quilt, which has usually been kicked off by 9pm, ds still sometimes wakes up sweaty in his unheated, window-ajar bedroom. So I know what you mean sobernow, but provided they are otherwise well I try not to fret about damp hair, little pink faces and hot hands...

sobernow Fri 04-Oct-02 11:01:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

batey Fri 04-Oct-02 12:46:08

My big dd has always been a sweaty one too, I was told by a GP friend that the hypothalamus kicks in at around 2 and takes time to settle down, like Sue Donim said. Having said that dd1 is almost 5 and still sweats alot on bed, never keeps her nightie or covers on, until I cover her late at night.

lou33 Fri 04-Oct-02 13:41:24

The paediatrician for my ds said his sweating could be connected to a low blood sugar level. He sweats until it is rolling down his face, always when he is trying to sleep, even if he is not covered. Unlike your son he does this all night, so everything is always soaked the next day. I think she may have mentioned coeliac disease being a possibility, but as my son cannot eat wheat at all it doesn't apply to him. Good luck.

Azzie Sat 05-Oct-02 12:46:05

Sobernow, my ds is like your dd - often when we go in to check on him last thing at night he is soaking and has obviously been bathed in sweat, although his temperature at that point usually feels completely normal. I've always put it down to him having a high metabolism - he is very active, fit and lean. I've never worried because my dh is exactly the same - some nights I wake up with the duvet pulled tightly round me because I'm feeling cold, and my dh will be bathed in sweat (yuk).

lisaj Sat 05-Oct-02 16:56:29

My ds also tends to be very sweaty at night and has been since birth. Like Marina says, I have only ever used a lightweight summer duvet (4tog I think) all year round, as otherwise he gets too hot.

j4c3y Wed 13-Aug-08 21:13:39

hi am new here but wanted to say that my dd is also really sweaty at night and she costs me a fortune in shampoo as i'm having to wash her hair every other day. i was wondering if anyone elses baby's hair smells really yeasty.

midnightexpress Wed 13-Aug-08 21:17:31

sobernow, I'm not a medic, but I would have thought that lots of sweating would be a good thing with regard to overheating, as it's the body's way of cooling you down. I have one very sweaty ds and one who doesn't sweat at all, and the one who doesn't sweat is also prone to high (scary, hallucinatory) fevers. the sweaty one just snoozes through everything.

midnightexpress Wed 13-Aug-08 21:18:10

Oh dear, have just realised that this thread is from 2002.


Soobidoo Sun 07-Sep-08 23:12:37

midnightexpress, like you have just notice date of thread but no reason why we can't continue it now!! Both my dds sweat profusely when they first fall asleep and the youngest (age 6) hair smells very yeasty so have to wash more frequently than i would like. Not sure what it means, if anything, but nice to know not alone!

sanetvanr Mon 22-Sep-08 22:21:10

Same here, my 30month old boy sweats like mad at night. His hair and pillow gets soaked! He's also a very active boy like some other mum's mentioned. My tip - Try putting conditioner in hair to prevent the yeasty smell...

maxymoo Mon 01-Jun-09 21:07:42

hi, my 2 half year old old girlie sweats so much at night, especially after she has been asleep for a couple of hours.
It always feels like she has a fever but obviously hasn't as there are no other signs and she is not bothered. She also sweats after her nap.
Her hair is soaking wet as is her face.
I don,t know whether to get her checked out, any advice on this.

myar Sat 21-May-11 13:30:53

Hi everyone, this is my 1st posting. dont know how to 'drive' this yet, here goes.
We have had to do a load of research into my (was then 2yr old) sweating at night, for many reasons that are 2 long winded to go into here but the up shot is that this is not NORMAL. ie to be wet haired + clothed at night. Even considering reduced ability to regulate temp at these age perameters.
2 things need to be checked, one is hypoglycaemia - low blood sugar, child can also be a little wobbly/shakey/disorientated in the morning, tother is enlarged lymph nodes/glands - under arms, groin and neck.
1st one may be easy to rectify. Give a carbohydrate supper b 4 bedtime, dont be tempted to give sugar for obvious reasons ie. teeth + ability for child to sleep! but this will only trough out quickly and not rectify the issue.
Look up lumpy or enlarged lymph glands as this is detailed bumf! hope this avoids probs later for your sprogs as it did mine.
Forgive me if it takes me a while to reply but i have not done any forum thing before as ive been too busy researching medical documents, learning to play the drums and ebaying!!! Oh, and i have to work as lottery not won - yet.....

Momof2tots Wed 11-Mar-15 05:29:21

Small chance the sweat problem could be SLEEP APNEA. My 3yo used to sweat a lot every night and woke up with drenched hair. She has thick hair... She actually sweat this way from birth. I worried because she also had nightmares and woke frequently from her excessive snoring. It turns out she had/has a couple of different forms of sleep apnea. We had her adenoids removed and her sleep improved drastically. She is still a hot little body but she no longer wakes from nightmares and night terrors and is not drenched in sweat. I should note that doctors were NOT concerned about her sweating her first three years. They said something to the effect of it "can be your child's normal." I think many children probably just sweat a lot. Well after a while I over-worried and asked for a sleep study. It turns out I was right, this time. I worry a lot, LOL. I posted this should anyone else be worried about this topic. Maybe it will help a tired parent through a worrisome time...

lady17luck28 Mon 10-Aug-15 22:37:30

My son sweats alot, snores and always breathes through his nose, been admitted to hospital a few times as his oxygen levels were low and had trouble breathing. Took him to doctors to see about sleep apnea to be told he is too young to have one (4) and he is fine and if his levels drop at night not to worry as he will just be dreaming???
Shall I see another doctor?

CamelHump Mon 10-Aug-15 22:41:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LindseyDK Thu 05-Oct-17 21:43:00

I know this is a really old thread but my son (5 years) has had heavy night sweats especially up to two to three hours after falling asleep. This has now totally stopped after I stopped giving him a glass of full cream cows milk to go to bed with. Just try it and see what happens. Not sure if he has any allergy but he's not affected by milk on his morning cereals. This only seems to happen at bedtime. Strange but true!

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