How get my toddler to sleep

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Nic36M Sat 17-Apr-21 07:39:12

When my daughter was 8 months she started sleeping through the night for about 2 months then would randomly wake. I think this was teething and wasn't too bad as she would maybe sleep for 4 nights then wake for 2 etc.
She was waking more often through the summer and then I went back to work full time last seltember. Some nights when she woke I was so tired so took her in my bed (which I swore I would never do). She was always good at going to bed its just the waking up as once she wakes she qont go back over.

I recently changed her cot into a bed as she was climbing out and nearly hurt herself (she is 2). The first 3 nights she went to bed and slept through and now its been a nightmare. I did let her back in my bed a few times as I am exahusted and struggling at work. At the start of this week I have been putting her down and sitting with her till she sleeps and she is starting to sleep through till between 5 and 6. She is very stubborn and I have tried every technique like controlled crying and putting her straight back to bed. Any tips on how to ease myself out of her room please? I really do need help.

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dancemom Sat 17-Apr-21 07:43:48

"Mums just going to the toilet" and go straight back

"Mums just getting her phone" and go back in 1 minute

"Mums just folding the towels" and go back in 2 minutes

Gradually extend the time you're in and out of her room while she falls asleep but do it very slowly

Stacii Sat 17-Apr-21 09:05:22

As above. My son has been going to sleep himself for a couple of weeks now and that is what we did. Although I didnt tell him where I was going, I just went. I have a video monitor and if he stands up I talk through the monitor, 'baby lie down, it's time to go to sleep now, I love you' and he does.

If he really isnt settling I will eventually give in an lay with him while he drifts off but this is only really of a night time now, naps he goes off in 5-10 minutes. And we also have a sidecared crib from about 8 months when he outgrew his next to me.

At their they need reassurance that you will be back, so to start with you could go back in kiss, say goodnight and leave again. Gradually extending the time you're out the room.

It takes time and patience which is the last thing you want when you're exhausted, I've been there and I never thought we would be where we are with sleep now. Ds has always been an awful sleeper, woke several times a night until a few months ago and was rocked to sleep until a few weeks ago. He is almost 16 months. You have my sympathies, being exhausted is so very hard. But you will get there, if we can do it, anyone can

Nic36M Sat 17-Apr-21 18:29:51

Thank you both 🙂 I did try going in and out but she kept getting out the bed and that's with the guard. Think I just have to bite the bullet or I will never get out of this situation x

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