Naps in car

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Napssszzz Fri 16-Apr-21 10:42:57

Every day, for a 2.5 year old Awful right?

Trying to figure out my back to work schedule and nothing makes sense.

So confused and wondering if it's really that damaging really...? Please put me straight

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FATEdestiny Fri 16-Apr-21 11:05:34

Has your toddler always only napped in the car?

What routine are you coming from? And why can't cot naps happen when you're back at work?

Mummysarah12 Fri 16-Apr-21 21:56:51

Just the car or the pram too? My just turned 2 year old will only nap in either of these if he takes a nap but more often not these days he just doesn’t nap. He does sleep 12-13 hrs straight at night though.

Perhaps your LO doesn’t need their nap anymore if you have to force it in the car? Have you tried not napping him? What is his night sleep like?

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