Putting baby to sleep on front at 6 months

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Diglett567 Thu 15-Apr-21 11:23:22

Hi all!

So my LO is a 'bad' sleeper. When I say bad I mean she sleeps either in a way that's incredibly inconvenient for me or that goes against safe sleep guidelines.
She sleeps on me or in the sling for all naps which I'm now completely used to. The problem is a night when she will either only sleep attached to me in bed or on her stomach. I've decided that it's safer to follow the safe bedsharing guidelines and have her in the bed rather than lay her on her tummy. This means I'm in bed with her at 6.30. She wakes up around 6 times in the night still so it's good to have an early night, but when she reaches 6 months it would be lovely to leave her upstairs and have an hour with my husband in the evening.
If I roll her on her stomach she will stay asleep without me there (I did a short supervised test the other night). Would you say it's safe to do this at 6 months? Or do I need to wait for her to be able to roll first? She's currently showing no signs of rolling

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FATEdestiny Thu 15-Apr-21 20:14:38

Would you say it's safe to do this at 6 months?

No, it's not.

Safe sleep guidelines are to always place baby on their back to sleep. Even when baby can roll, it continues to be deliberately specified that you should still put baby on their back.

Safe sleep guidelines are recommended for the whole of the first 12 months.

PinkCookie11 Thu 15-Apr-21 20:25:19


Always put down on their back. Even when they can roll, crawl, walk etc.

Sounds like you need to wean her off sleeping on you so she’s used to sleep on her own.
You can get her to sleep on you, but she needs to learn to stay asleep on her own in her own space.

Going to bed at 6:30 is no life for you ☹️

Horehound Thu 15-Apr-21 20:26:24

My boy ONLY slept on his front. I couldn't ever get him down on back or side. He's 19m now and still sleeps that way!

MySocalledLoaf Thu 15-Apr-21 20:34:31

It’s precisely the deeper sleep that they get on their front that increases the risk of cot death, it’s not a coincidence that she sleeps better that way.
You could put a guardrail on your bed (that you’ll anyway use for her bed when she’s bigger) and leave her in there alone when you first put her to sleep.

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