How to manage naps away from the house

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Squashie Fri 09-Apr-21 14:38:32

As restrictions start to lift how would you go about naps when visiting other houses? DS is 7.5 months and napping well at home. When he was younger I just napped him on me when visiting people but feel like that may not work well now. Would you literally take a travel cot to other people’s houses if we are planning to be there over a nap time? I guess for day trips out it’s a case of napping in the pram or timing the journeys around naps?

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Aprilshowersandhail Fri 09-Apr-21 14:40:16

I just put mine in the buggy and they went to sleep!!
Pram in a friend's garden? Quiet hallway?

soughsigh Fri 09-Apr-21 14:50:18

Some friends were happy to let me pop him in their kid's cot (I returned the favour if they were at mine), or I would take a travel cot and black out blind. He has a cot at granny and grandad's, which is awesome.

Mostly I would just arrange playdates around naptimes, setting off so he fell asleep in the car and I could transfer him into his cot when we got home.

FiloFaxx Fri 09-Apr-21 15:33:13

We do naps in the pram/car when out and about. If we were at my mums she has a travel cot there.

Caspianberg Fri 09-Apr-21 15:36:17

Pram for all naps. Means he naps at home, in garden, at friends, out and about always in same place but gives us flexibility to go wherever

Vicky1989x Fri 09-Apr-21 15:42:30

I try and time my outings so that DD naps on the way there in the pram and then I leave when she’s due her next nap. (She’s 11 months)

Mummysarah12 Sat 17-Apr-21 05:25:02

My LO would never sleep in noise at that age so I would always time meet ups around his naps. Usually he’d nap on the pram walk or car journey there and back. It was hard planning though as he never napped at set times so planning play dates etc was always tricky


addictedtotheflats Sat 17-Apr-21 05:30:44

Mine napped in his pram for all naps up until 11 months so it didn't really matter where we were as long as we took the pram. Hes now 2 and we arrange things around his naptime (12.30-2.30)

SeaTurtles92 Sat 17-Apr-21 05:50:33

Just the pram will be fine.
DS is 21 months and as PP said we just arrange things around his nap times time (1-3/4).
If we are going on a day trip though he'd just have to nap either in the car or in the pushchair.

MySocalledLoaf Sat 17-Apr-21 06:24:38

Either nap on the way there and on the way back

Carbis Mon 19-Apr-21 22:04:59

I have taken the travel cot, I am that mum! But my LO will rarely sleep in the pram or car so otherwise anything needs to fit into the 4 hours he can be awake for.

TheMotherlode Mon 19-Apr-21 22:22:21

I couldn’t get mine to nap in a pram at that age so just timed outings around naps. She would sleep in the car so sometimes timed it so we were driving to/from somewhere at nap time.

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